Is there such a thing as too much salad?

  • With dinners, I've noticed that you could have a salad with your meal. Is it possible to have too much salad. By salad I mean carrots, celery, cukecumbers, romain, and spinach, with a touch of fat free dressing. Sometimes a small salad isn't filling enough whereas a larger salad would do just fine. 

    And at lunch, what about some carrots and or celery with my turkey pita? 

    What is the limit with the veggies listed above?

    Thanks for your help.

  • I eat unlimited salads all the time...huge salads with lots of veggies!!!! Just be careful with your dressings...even fat free dressing has calories and sugar, and the serving size is usually only a tablespoon. For salad dressing, I only use balsamic vinegar or rice vinegar and sometimes a splash of Walden's calorie-free dressing (not too much b/c it is made with artificial sweeteners!).

    Yes, I would advise to always add veggies where you can. They are super healthy and will help fill you up without adding many extra calories.

  • Thank you for responding