Quinoa - What is it and where can I purchase it?

  • Can someone please provide some guidance on where I can purchase quinoa and what it is?  Is it a grain of some sort, maybe?  I've never heard of it nor eaten it in my life.  Thanks in advance!

  • Quinoa is usually sold in bags or bulk. You will probably find it in the same aisle as rice in the grocery store. The part we eat is actually the seeds. They turn fluffy when cooked in water. You can prepare it similar to rice: Bring 2C water to boil and add 1C quinoa, cover, reduce heat, and cook until the water is cooked away and the quinoa is fluffly. I love to have it combined with black beans and fresh tomatoes, or just mixed with a little olive oil and fresh squeeze lemon juice. Delicious!

  • Check costco if you have one in your area. Also you need to rinse it before cooking. Quinoa is similar to couscous as it will take on any flavour you mix it with. On it's own it's slightly nutty choc full of iron has some protien, treat it like a starch. Is very easy on the digestion not as heavy as rice. You can add it as a side dish,soups stews etc.. I gave a bag to my co-worker and his kids loved it another good grain to add to the shopping list.

    Hope this helps