Yogurt doubling as carb and protein?

  • I know that milk and yogurt are considered carbs, but a Chobani non-fat fruit yogurt has 20:14 grams of carbs:protein. Can this do double duty as a carb:protein source? How about 2 of them for a 40:28 g ratio? Too much, not right at all?  If not right, what kind of protein would go well?

  • Well, I guess low- non-fat cottage cheese and egg whites would go OK. Still wondering if yogurt can do double duty.

  • Paralysis of Over-analysis...

    If it has more carbs than protein it is concidered a carb. Going over on your amount of protein is not as bad as having too many carbs. Just chill and enjoy the sugary snack.

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  • I would recommend you stay away from the fruit yogurts, most of those carbs are from sugar (or evaporated cane juice or whatever). Switch to plain and pair it with a piece of raw, natural fruit and your ratio will balance out again.