Muscle Milk shakes? Yea or nay?

  • I've used Muscle Milk shakes for a long time, but now I'm wondering if Myoplex would be better (nutritionally that is, I know what site I'm on lol). MM shakes, per 8 oz. contain 8g of fat, 8g of carb and 16 g of protein.  Because MM has 1/2 as much carbs as protein, would a small carb source be a good addition? That is, if MM shakes are OK to use at all.  The fat is kind of high though, but the label says canola oil. 

  • I am using both MM and Myoplex.  The thing about Myoplex is it has significantly more protein which is good if you are trying to build muscle.

    My opinion, for what it's worth, is either is fine and are good meal replacements.


  • Which MM are you taking?  Not all proteins, even with types are the same. Most MM products are filled with chemicals and sweeteners, making them a lesser product.  Some are not.  It just depends on which, how many sugar alchols, etc. 

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  • I am using the 11 o.z. Vanilla Creme but use it sparingly.  

    It  is true that not all proteins are the same but also it is important to vary the types of protein you get.  Anyway, I agree that it is a lesser product than the Myoplex but for someone on a tight budget it will work.

    When comparing 17oz Myoplex nutritional facts to 17oz MM nutrtional facts, Myoplex has significantly more protein at 42g has similar fat content 60 compared to 70 and has similar sugar grams at 1 gram compared to 2.

    Personally I use Myoplex for the added protein which I really want but I also keep MM in the fridge for times when my Myoplex is slow arriving.


  • Quite honestly what I have been doing is taking two scoops of a whey and egg protein powder

    And mixing in a half cup of plush oats for the carbs and taking it twice a day.

    I feel this is a pretty good mrp and a bit cheaper than flying through MM and myoplex.  Just my 2 cents.

  • Even though I noted that the Muscle Milk ready made drinks are lactose free, I really don't like the rather strange after taste they seem to leave after using them.  I still am a fan of the EAS drinks RTD's especially the low carb ones for after a workout (Advantage) and I like their flavors better too.   I have tried the GNC Lean shakes and they seem to have a great taste with lots of protein and little sugar and carbs as well.