Which carbs to get lean?

  • i realize the carb options, but when i have done bfl before i think i could have had even better results wth better carbs. so which ones will show the results? i seem to get bloated easily. could i use veggies as a carb, but make it a bigger portio

  • sorry,I am typing from my phone and it keeps messing up. So basically can I use fruits and veggies as the carbs or will I see the same amount of results using starchy carbs.  

    Someone please convince me either way, I keep leaning towards just using vegetables bc I want results

  • You can use veggies as a carb, but it may not give you the same energy levels considering the intensity of the workouts, particularly the cardio.

    Fruit does count as a carb, but you have to watch your glycemic load on those.

    On my first challenge I started to avoid "white" carbs: Pasta, bread (including whole-wheat), and potatoes with white flesh. It made a difference in my final results, I think. And I've become less dependent on carbs on the day-to-day.

    Some great grain- and legume-based carb choices I have found digest easily and hopefully would not leave you feeling bloated include:

    Quinoa (I cook mine al dente and mix with a bit of olive oil and lemon juice... soooooo good!)

    Beans (black, pinto, kidney or garbanzo, unsalted)


    Long-grain brown rice


    Sweet potatoes

    Look up recipes online for creative ways to cook these, like quinoa with black beans, fresh tomatoes, cilantro, and spices. Good stuff!