Warming protein powder?

  • So...I drink my protein shake while I wait for the bus every morning in the 29 degree weather. It's not really enjoyable because my fingers lose feeling and I am FREEZING! I was considering turning the protein shake into a warm drink. Does anyone know if protein can be heated? Any good recipes?? Thanks!

  • Chains of amino acid molecules make up proteins, with each type of protein having its own unique sequence of amino acid. When proteins are "unfolded" from their natural chain or shape, they are "denatured," according to the Cornell University site. While very high temperatures may cause denaturation of whey protein, according to Cornell University, heat treatments generally will not affect the composition of amino acids or their nutritional content. Severe heat treatments may slightly affect nutrition and amino acids that are particularly sensitive to heat.

    Read more: www.livestrong.com/.../528865-can-i-heat-whey-protein

  • Clearly I am a horrible Googler. Thank you! Very helpful. No more cold mornings at the bus stop for me!

  • Glad I could help!