• So I am on day three of my challenge and I am kind of confused on what supplements I should be taking.

    Right now I am using a whey protein and cliff protein bars along with a daily vitamin.  What others should i be taking?

    What did you guys used that worked for you?

    I appreciate any help


  • Oh and creatine.

    I need to lose about 10 pound of fat in my belly area and would like to put on some muscle mass.

  • Hi Bill,

    When I did C1 I only used whey protien powder as meal 2&4. The rest of the time was food and hand fist for portion control. Hope this helps.

  • Hi Brian

    Whey protein and creatine are good choices.  There are more things you can be taking, but none are necessary, except fish oil.  Do take a good quality fish oil.  Carlson's is good.

    Lose the Cliff bars.  They are a poorer form of protein and highly processed carbs.  For quick, do a whey and water shooter and have a piece of fruit. 


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