Chinese food suggestion??

  • Hi, I am a Chinese, you know, Chinese food is quite different with American food, in China, we mainly eat white rise and wheat, with cooked meats and vegetables. The food list ( is not suitable for me, also, I am unable to buy Myoplex.

    So any suggestions for me to eat right for Body-for-Life program?

  • Hi Izzzing,

    I know it's probably hard to find brown rice in China, but I think that it's great that your meals mainly consist of meat and vegetables.  Try to eat more complex carbs if possible and lower fat meats cooked in as little oil/fat as possible.

    As far as protein shakes, that might be harder to find.  Are there any nutrition or fitness stores you could look in to see if they have it?  I'm not sure what your budget is like but maybe you can look in an American food import store or order online?

    I wish I could be more helpful!  Good luck! :)

  • lzzzing,

    We know it may be a bit of a struggle, but do your best to take advantage of the crops from the approved food list that are available in your region. Laura2012 is right when she said to try more complex carbs and limit the amount of oil you use during cooking.

    We are unable to ship our products outside of the United States, but you can try to reach out to reputable online nutrition vendors, such as or to see if they may ship product internationally.

    We hope that helps!

    ~Tiffany, The BFL Team