• Why aren't bananas on the authorized list?  Aren't they considered a complex carb?


  • I dont know Mitch, I was wondering this too, although I have incorporated them into my meal plans (maybe 1 or 2 week).  My challenge is going well (lost 12 lbs and almost 13" overall and it's been 8 weeks).  I am going to continue to include them as it isnt hurting my progress.

  • Probably the high sugar content.. but I think if you buy them green and eat them before they ripen they would be fine? Much less sugar..

  • Bananas are not on the list but they are in the book. I think Bill referred to them as a perfect portable snack, along with protein of course. Take care.

  • KMsBFL - you are right!  I just read - thanks for reminding me of that!!