• I am new this in first week new. And I am confused on how many grams of carbs/protein I should get at each meal. I have looked at other posts and I have seen differing answers/opinions. I am 31, female, 5'9" and 175 pounds. I have seen that you take your weight and divide by 6, that would mean I need 29g of carbs and protein at each meal. Is that right? I have also seen posts where it is about 20-25g of each.

    I also am curious is it is bad to have more than 1 protein shake a day? I enjoy the shakes with a scoop of protein power, 4oz of milk, ice and then berries. Is it OK to make that 2 of my meals? I am trying to like cottage cheese and greek yogurt but am finding it hard. I know it can only get better.

    I am also lost as to what you count as a carb and what you count as protein. For example where does peanut butter fall or almonds? Do you use the carbs and proteins if the food item has both?


    Thanks for now!

  • I never understood why someone would say 1g of protein per lb of body weight... that could be a TON of protein for some and very little for another... I believe it depends on your Estimated Lean Body Mass rather than total body weight... I would leave it up to portion size... A portion of Protein and a portion of carbs (whole grain goodness)

    Protein =  fish, chicken, turkey, beef, soy, shake, etc...

    Carb = Brown rice, whole wheat pasta, apple, etc...

    I love my shakes... sometimes three of them a day... I don't see anything wrong with them :-) although, mine are water, no milk, and typically just the powder in a shaker bottle... My only full meal replacement shake is my morning shake (usually with PB2 and honey :-)

    Taper off your carbs as it gets later in the day.

    Lotsa Luck to You!


  • Sarah,

    I am an oldie at this.  The biggest challange is understanding your body.  It sounds generic but its very true.  I still learn everyday and have been at this for two years.  This program works extremely well and thats how i got started.  I have not updated my pictures in a while and have been away for a while from the forums.  I continue to follow the six meals a day.  VERY IMPORTANT!!!

    May be i can help with your questions.  

    1.  As for protein-I believe 1 gram of protein per your body weight is excellent.  You will need to consume at least 2-3 shakes a day.  It is difficult to achieve this on eating alone.  If you are following the protein with eating and weight training your body needs this amount of protein.  The workouts must be intense and your eating habits need to be clean.  

    2.  As for Carbs-I woud say more than 40g-50g a day.  You are probably shocked at this but remember your body needs to be re-fueled after these workouts.  I was doing 80-100g a day.  Also, remember your body's metabolism will change and start burning weight etc.  

    Protein powder and berries are excellent.  I didnot use milk rather water.  If you do decide to use milk, I would say 1% or lower is fine.  I would highly recommend cottage cheese, it is loaded with protein.  Here is a good combination that use to burn belly fat.  Mix 1/2 cup cottage cheese with raw nuts like almonds, walnuts etc.  My favorite is Raw pumpkin seeds.  

    Peanut Butter is generally a protein.  The Power PB is the best.  Its 24g of protein per serving.  Just keep in mind its excellent but high in Fat and dense in calories.  The fat is good FAT, so its OK but not all day long.  You may also want to check out P28 protein bread.  Its fantastic.  

    I certainly agree with Chris on his breakdown of proteins and carbs.  I would suggest the audio CD's.  I still liston to them when I need a little motivation.

    Congratulations and good luck.  If you need any help just use the forum, I used regularly to see what worked for me.  Ask me questions anytime.


  • That's the beauty of BFL, you don't have to count, measure, or weigh anything!  The palm/fist method is brilliant, and should average exactly what your body needs in terms of lean protein and complex carbs (and don't forget to add some veggies here and there).  I did the program for the first time with my husband, his hands are much larger than mine and I was envious of how much he got to eat...but I was never hungry. :) It was a huge success for both of us!  

  • 1 gram of protein per pound of body weight is the more precise way of doing it.  It is not on estimated body mass, but rather on scale body weight.  Some have somewhat less carb, but let’s keep it simple.  29g of protein and 29g of carbs would be about perfect for you.  The formula doesn’t work past about 325 pounds, but obviously not a factor here. 


    Peanut Butter is a fat and not a particularly good one.  You really don’t need more Omega 6.  We get plenty of that just from having a diet with foods that most eat, like meat. 


    I have 2-3 shakes per day and make mine with water.  If you are to add PB2 or something like that, I would not suggest adding to your post workout meal.  That’s the meal where you don’t want fat because you want your system ultra fast. 


    Palm / Fist never really worked for me.  My fist got bigger when I was hungry.  Now that I know the grams rule, I can eyeball what is right for my needs. 

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