Egg Whites in Bulk

  • Has anyone been buying egg whites in bulk? Or just the small cartons? If so, does anyone recommed a certain kind over another? I live in Chicago and don't have a car. Buying things in bulk is always easier for me, either to order online or in the rare occasion I can use a car.

  • I live in Canada but buy mine in a 3-pack of 500ml each - it works out to be cheaper than anywhere else.  They freeze well but also keep in the fridge for a lot longer than whole eggs.  But I don't think they come bigger than 500ml.  Also not sure if this helps, as we may have different products in different stores.  Good luck!

  • Check out Egg Whites International; you can get right from their website, or from  The price is good and the product is amazing.

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  • huh... I would have never thought about buying egg whites in a bulk container with a pump!

  • Have a Happy Thanksgiving day Shellnikk,  It's Columbus Day for us here in the USA (Thanksgiving is next month for us)

  • Thank-you WPBill!  I did awesome at Thanksgiving - had white turkey meat and veggies and 2 Tbsp mashed potato and stopped there.  No wine, no dessert.  When everyone was still full and tipsy a few hrs later, I had some more turkey and steamed broccoli.  I had so much fun playing games I didn't even miss the alcohol.  Not every holiday is this successful for me, so just had to put it out there that one was for me!!

  • Well done, Shellnikk!!!  That's a big deal.  Congratulations!

  • Thank-you Dancing Queen!  Yes it was a big deal.  But yesterday it was my hubby's birthday, the day before was my free day, which didn't allow dessert yesterday.  BUT I made a peanut butter cup ice cream cake with Salted Peanut crust and I just HAD to have a piece.  woops.  It was so good and feel a little guilty, but the rest of the day was clean, so I guess I can take some positive from it....