• So now I am 6 weeks into my 1st challenge.  I feel great, I am working hard in the gym, and following the guidelines in the kitchen.  To day I replace one of my meals with a EAS advantage or Myoplex lite.  I also mix a pudding or shake with the EAS Soy Protein powder for my 6th meal.  I am 5'2, 193 lb, and 48 years.

    I see so many supplements - betagen, whey protein, phos force, recovery, etc.  I am not sure what to use and when to have peak performance.

    Thank you for any opinions, or information.

    Brenda :)

  • Greetings Brenda4Life,  I would definately recommend a good overall multivitamin to keep the immune system at peak, perhaps CLA if you want to aid with fat loss and I have had great results with EAS Muscle Armor after workouts to help with recovery and loss prevention and overall soreness. Creatine may also be an option for you if you want to a additonal muscle bulk in some areas as well. Hope this helps you out some.   Keep Moving Forward!

  • It's important to note that creatine does not add muscle bulk.  It aids in the recovery of muscle, regardless of your goals.  I personally am not a huge supporter of CLA, especially for women.  Studies show it has little benefit to women and it's naturally occuring is so many foods most regularly eat, even on BFL. It won't hurt, but it'd debatable if it would help.  I would say that Betagen is a great bet for anyone. 

    Jessica Mighty Max ~ 2013 Body-for-LIFE Champion ~ Champion is a VERB!

  • My philosophy is when it comes to the first 12-weeks I wouldn't use anything beyond a good whey protein or MRP.

    My reasoning is to let the body re-regulate it self with the healthy foods and simply support the workouts. Then in your next go around "supplement" what you think you will need to go the next step.

    I agree with Jessica that CLA isn't going to really be a benefit.

  • Thank you, Bill.  I am adding a multivitamin.  Thank you, Jessica.  I do not want to buy or take any more than is necessary.  Thank you, Jim.  I decided as I go into week 7, I am doing great and feeling good.  I have completely transformed my eating habits, and committed myself to going to the gym 6 days a week.  So I will hold off any additional supplements until I begin the my next challenge in December.  At that time I will call EAS and asked for advice.

  • I only take my whey protein after my workouts, and then a whey/casein mix at night.  Other than that, the only other supps I take are a multi-vitamin (occasionally) and a probiotic daily (religiously).  I don't want to rely on any supplement to make me look/feel a certain way because then I have to take it the rest of my life to continue to get those results.  I'd rather get the best results I can naturally and not waste the money on supplementation.  Just my opinion!

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  • The best supplements are nutrition shakes because they allow you to get a meal when your on the go, also in my opinion I would save the expense and go with plain creatine monohydrate over betagen, betagen is a pretty old formula. It was around 15 years ago, relaunched in a different name and then taken off the market and then brought back as betagen, no other company sells hmb any more because its been proven to have no real effect and studies show l-glutamine only works in massive doses, the only proven well researched  supplement in that formulais plain cheap creatine monhydrate, and you dont have to do the loading phase either, just 1 small teaspoon a day in water after your workout or before bed is sufficent