Newb Here...Nervous about amount of carbs

  • Just curious if anyone alse was/is concernerd with the amount of carbs allowable on this diet? Just seems like Oatmeal for breakfast, Whole wheat bread for lunch, apples etc one would gain weight

  • Welcome to BFL!  I am starting week 5.  What was toughest for me was the portions.  A fist size of carbohydrates always with a palm size of protein at every meal.  I was turned onto a website that allows me to track my proteins and carbs to ensure you are staying on target with the 40% of calories from carbs, 40% of calories from protein, and 20% of calories from fat.  It is  Just have to train yourself to concentrate on that and not the calories (that site counts calories as well) and set your macros to follow the BFL plan.  Certainly you can track on the BFL forms, but I needed better control on the percentages.  Good Luck!

  • I am a little.  I actually gained a lb this week.  Not sure what that is about but I do notice I eat more carbs now then before.. Ultimately you got to have faith in the program and stick with it.  I'm  wondering if maybe I'm not eating the correct amount and that was the reason for me gain.

  • I gained weight in my first 3 weeks of my first Challenge, then after Week 4 I lost it plus several more over the rest of the Challenge. I chalked it up to gaining muscle mass quicker than my body was burning fat. In the end, I lost 13lbs of body fat and 10lbs of scale weight. Your body will definitely need that carb intake consistently with the B4L Cardio, and the weight training too. Protein feeds your muscles and the carbs feed the rest of you.

    Most calorie count sites say ~200g carbs and 50g protein is a "balanced" diet. If you have only a first-sized serving of carbs you'll be cutting that intake down to more like 150g per day, and optimally eating 150g of protein as well. The system does work, pretty well.

    A couple things you could do if you don't feel comfortable with the carb intake:

    1. Cut out "white", wheat-based and starchy carbs like regular potatoes, rice, and breads. Replace them with legumes, quinoa, sweet potatoes, and other whole grains like barley.

    2. On weight days eat a smaller amount of carbs and increase your protein intake.

    3. Avoid higher glycemic fruits like bananas, mango, kiwi, etc and eat fruits like grapes and berries instead.

    These things might help. I actually did these things in the last 4 weeks of my Challenge and I felt awesome at the end. So, maybe worth a shot?

  • Carbs are your friend, if they are the right kinds of carbs.  Your body can't workout and reach 10's during your workouts, without fueling it with readily available energy.  I know it is a hard mindset since everyone tries to scare us away from eating carbs.  Oatmeal, brown rice & pasta, sweet potatoes, etc...are digested so much differently than processed, packaged crap.  Eat your carbs!!

    "The only person you should try to be better than, is the person you were yesterday!"

  • I too am concerned about the carbs.  

    I just completed my first week of BFL, but I modified the diet as I am mainly trying to loose weight and tone so the weight loss doesn't leave probelms.

    This is what I've done for the past two weeks of dieting:

    Breakfast = 1/2 apple for one hour after workouts as suggested in the BFL book for maximum weight loss)

    Morning snack = 1 baby carrot stick or a couple of celery sticks

    Lunch = Garden salad with 1/2 can tuna or half a chicken breast, broccoli, four grape tomatoes, plus low carb, low fat, low cal Italian dressing

    Afternoon snack = 1 baby carrot stick or a couple of celery sticks

    Dinner = Either a salad as above, or some type of chicken dish w/veggies and a small salad

    I know it's a little different then what the BFL program is suggesting.  Once they arrive, I am planning to add in a EAS Myoplex Carb Control Chocolate Fudge shake after every weight training (an hour after) and I also picked up some high protein, low cal/low carb Atkins Advantage bars that can substitute a meal here and there as needed.  I am trying to loose a min. of 80lbs.  I started dieting about three months ago, and went from 312lbs (embarrassing) to 280 which is where I started at w/BFL.  In my first week of BFL I went from 280 to 272!!!  I'm very excited about that, and it would appear that my dieting approach is working, but of course may need to be modified as needed going forward.  

    I did enjoy a very nice egg white omelet for breakfast this the free day, but I'm still sticking with healthy foods, proper portions and such as I don't want to chance undoing the previous hard work :)

    Here's the recipe for the breakfast omelet I had and it was delicious:

    1/2 cup egg whites

    2 Jennie-O Lean Turkey Sausage sliced (90 cals for two)

    1/2 cup mushrooms

    1/4 sliced green bell pepper

    1/4 cup reduced fat Colby & Monterrey Jack Cheese

    1 tsp olive oil for cooking

    Pepper flakes for some heat :)

    Cals = 360 (120 are from the Olive oil, so not sure if they count as most probably burned off in the cooking?)

    Fat = 24.63

    Carbs = 4.78

    Protein = 29.21

    Sugars = 1.98

    I would definitely love to hear any comments on my approach?



  • OMG Cal1 - reading your food intake makes me starving!!!  You need to eat - carrots and celery are not enough food for you!  You need nourishment to "fuel" your body so it can run properly, your metabolism keeps revved up and so you can workout.  You have to be starving by mid day or at least evening???

    I can understand the frustration when you want to lose weight now, but anything that is quick results will pop back on.  You need to do this slowly.

    I am 5'3" and was 160lbs after my baby was born, and I started cutting calories and running to lose weight.  It was a struggle all the time to lose weight and to maintain once I lost a little, but I was skinny fat.  Only once I started eating more frequently and eating carbs to stave off any cravings did I start to lean out.  I have gone down 4 sizes doing this, so please, if you are going to do the BFL, do it 100% which includes eating nutritious food!!

  • Surprisingly I am not starting or craving food.  I'd like to keep at this for a couple more weeks, and monitor my progress along the way,  making adjustments as needed.  I'll add in EAS Myoplex Carb Control Chocolate Fudge shakes for breakfast on weight training days for instance starting with the Wednesday weight training routine.

  • Wow Cal1, I'm surprised at your food intake too. You need more protein! Each meal, every day no matter what your workout is, should contain one serving of protein along with one serving of complex carbs. You should also add vegetables to at least two of your meals, if not more.

    We just don't want you to be starving yourself. Half an apple for breakfast and one baby carrot for your mid-morning snack is just not going to cut it. You aren't properly feeding your muscles after the hard work they're doing. They aren't getting the right fuel to grow.

    It sounds like you'll be getting more protein in soon, so that's good! But I would recommend having a shake (or preferably a real, whole source of protein) for each of your six meals. :) That way the weight you lose is more likely to stay off long term.

    Good luck! You are already do so well on your challenge by adding in more exercise and not eating junk. :)

  • Protein and Carb at each of your 6 meals + proper portions = healthy lifestyle.

  • I like the idea of Cal1s portions here. I had bariatric surgery and hit a wall hormonally. Instead of going for the hormone replacements, I'm gonna do BFL. I was worried about the portions but with added shakes, I hope I'll be fine. I start on Monday and just finished my shopping. Only carbs I picked up we fruit, Greek yogurt and whole wheat bread. I'll modify out I can but I'm still a little, well a lot, worried about the intake and feeding many body properly. And advice would be excellent. Btw, I started at 356 and have gotten down to 270. My goal is 190 though my doctor want a "healthy" 135 (whaaat?).

    I once had faith in the surgery, I now have faith in me.

  • I am in the 8th week of my challenge and I have been eating the recommended amount of carbs since the begining.  I have been losing about 3 pounds a week since the begining of the challenge.  Carbs are not a bad thing if you eat the proper type of carb.  You really need the carbs to ensure you have the energy required to do the workouts.  

  • I'm okay with adding the carbs. But, protein is more important post bariatric surgery. I am still greatly concerned about getting the right mix to eat to get the body I want and not lose my hair because of protein deficiency. But I'm moving forward and will adjust accordingly. Week one, day one. . . Only 3 days away!!

    I once had faith in the surgery, I now have faith in me.

  • cal1 - I was actually surprised you signed your post as Brian, with that mindset and meal plan, I expected it to be a woman. That's not a slam, just that I don't think I've ever seen a man eat that few. How you have any energy baffles me.

    I'll tell you this, you need A LOT more protein. I don't know if you read the book, or if you just found this website, either way it doesn't matter, but you need a protein source every meal and carb for that matter. Only time you should ever drop carbs is your last week or two if you're really prepping for that photo shoot.

    I noticed you eat 1/2 apple after a workout. You know your body needs amino acids right? How you gonna recover on 50 cals of fructose? Instead, eat the entire apple and have 6 egg whites with it, that would be much better. Or make it REAL simple...slam a myoplex.

    I don't know how much you want to lose, but you gotta eat protein to build muscle or heck just to keep it!!

    If you doubt how BFL laid out works, there are thousands of people who are living testimonies that it works. Yeah, I'm one of em. 130 lbs in 18 months. What you are doing is not sustainable either.

  • Love your response and your quote BDmom!