Always Hungry

  • Why am I always hungry? Is this normal? This is my 2nd day! Not sure what I'm doing wrong, I'm hoping someone can tell me. This is what I ate so far

    7am Oatmeal added raisins and 1 packet of splenda, 16 oz of water and coffee, Flaxseed

    10am AdvantEdge Carb control Shake (was still hungry so I had about 6 ritz crackers), 16 oz of water

    12pm Shrimp, Stir fry steamed Veggies, Chobani Greek, 16 oz water, Flaxseed

    I am still hungry!! What can I do? What am I missing? What am I doing wrong????

    Can someone help??

  • I am not able to identify where the protein is in your meals. Shrimps have protein but how much did you have for you to end up with sufficient protein?


    - Increase your protein

    - Increase vegetable portions, and try to go for fibrous ones to be feel full.

    - Cook soups from your authorized vegetables. Soups are very filling

    - If your food does not contain selenium, make sure you add it to your diet (3 Brazil nuts per day, or wholewheat portions)

    - Make sure there is no sugar in what you are eating (check packets). If your insulin and blood sugar are not at their normal levels, you will be at your wit's end with hunger. Extra protein should help. If you add extra protein and experience really bad sugar cravings, combat them with tiny slices of sweet authorized fruits (one sliced piece throughout the day)

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  • Protein!!! Got it!! I knew in my gut that I was missing something Just couldn't see it. As for shrimp I ate like 10 lg pieces (guess was too embarrassed to say). Thanks for you help

  • Hi Canderson,

    You definitely are not eating enough protein and natural, clean foods. For example, your Meal 1 is very high in carbs and sugar. Raisins have a lot of sugar, even if it is natural. You would need to add an egg, egg whites, or whey protein powder to your meal. You could also add veggies such as a veggie omelet or blend some in a whey smoothie. You are setting yourself up for being hungry the rest of the day if you eat too many carbs at breakfast....add PROTEIN!!!!

    On your meal 2, your calories are probably too low. Also, EAS products have a lot of added sugar, and even the carb control products make my blood sugar spike for some reason. I can't drink them....I use a whey isolate powder made with stevia. Plain greek yogurt would be a great choice too, and add a portion of fruit such as berries. Also, ritz crackers are definitely not approved.....processed and full of sugar. Processed carbs will actually make you feel hungrier.

    Your lunch looks okay, but you may want to add a starchy carb such as 1/2 c brown rice or quinoa, a sweet potato, or 1/2 cup of black beans. Make sure your portions are according to BFL standards.

    Also, you can also add a serving of vegetables to any meal and it will help keep you fuller. Many of us BFLers are on My Fitness Pal, which is a great website for tracking your nutrition. I would be glad to share my nutrition plan with is a passion of mine :) My username on MFP is amyjslp. Feel free to friend me and I can help you out if wanted. Good luck!

  • BTW, have you read the original Body For Life book by Bill Phillips? He explains the nutrition plan to a T. It is more helpful than just using this website.

  • I didn't read the other responses but at quick glance it looks like your aren't getting enough protein. Have some egg whites or cottage cheese along size your oatmeal. May help you stay away from the crackers at 10.

    I also would drink MORE water. Have 8 oz. around 8:30 and another 8oz at 11. (or more than 8 oz.)

    How much shrimp? that may not be enough protein too.

  • protein AND complex carbs.  Brown rice, whole wheat pasta, whole grains, sweet potatoes etc.

  • I read Body for Life book about 3-4 years ago. Never really did anything with it.  I can't find the book and can't remember what I did with it. I will have to buy it again. I really appreciate the help and support on this site. I believe I was trying to mimic some of the Champions plan. Runnermom I will look for you on mfp.

  • Is there a difference between the Body for Life and Eating for life book?

  • Yes, they are 2 totally different books. The original BFL book explains the program and the total nutrition and workout program. It is a great book and defintely required for an optimal challenge. You can find used copies on Amazon or even at second hand bookstores for very inexpensive. The Eating for Life is more of a cookbook and meant for maintenance. Lots of the foods in the EFL book are not approved on the BFL list. Good luck!