Newbie Meal plan question.

  • Hi everyone,

    This is my first week. I have a few questions regarding meal plan and breakfast.

    starting with my background I'm Thai so giving up white rice will be really challenge for me plus I owned Thai restaurant I see really fatty oily delicious food everyday LOL.

    My plan is to get up 7:00 am and do exercise. finish up around 7:30 am - 8:00 am

    If it's my UBWO, I will drink Premier Protein shake (costco) within 30 mins 8:30 am

    If it's my cardio, I will drink Protien shake after an hour so it will still around 8:30 am

    First question Is Protien shake count as the meal???

    After I drink my shake, I will wait till 10:00 am to eat breakfast 

    my meal plan is turkey sanwich ( turkey breat, 2 slice of whole wheat bread, 1 tomato and black coffee)

    Second question Is 1:30 hour is long enough between the meal?? ( I try to eat before go to restaurant so I wont temp to eat something at my restaurant that I will regret. 

    my lunch will be around 12:00 -12:30 pm ( meal plan : brown rice ( cant live without rice lol) stir fry broccoli with chicken ( use olive oil, fresh garlic, Thai chilli, seasoning with a little salt or fish sauce) I will try to make a Thai recipe for everyone who want some spicy food. I will post the recipe to see if it's in BFL plan.

    Third question: Is stir fry but use olive oil is ok?? and what is fresh garlic and Thai chill categories into?? (carb or veggie)

    Thank you everyone 

    p.s. Sorry everyone about my English. It's my second language. 

  • I am only 4 weeks in, so there are much more seasoned BFLers to help you.  I will tell you that Thai chili pepper has no calories, carbs, or protein.  And a garlic clove has 4 calories, 1 gm carb, no protein - basically they are condiments/seasonings not really in a category.  The protein shake - I always count mine as one of my 6 meals.  I love rice too, just keep the portion correct - fist size.  Good Luck!

  • Always count your protien shake as a meal.....

    I believe that 1-1/2 hours is not enough time between meals, but that is just me.....I never eat prior to 2-1/2 hours between.

    Chili peppers and garlic are exactly what Brenda4life said....condiments.

    I make stir fry ALL the time, but I dont use oil anymore.  I use pam spray and the freshness and crispness of the veggies are great.  IF I need a bit more "liquid" I use chicken stock.  Seasonings, chili's, garlic, ginger, soy, rice vinegar, lemon grass, thai basil or cilantro - that's how I do it....

    I also make my own green curry paste and make green curry but use no coconut milk.  I use chicken broth instead, lots of veggies with some chicken.  pour over brown rice.  I miss the coconut milk but it's still really good this way!

    Good luck.

  • I am also new to the program.  I wait at least 2.5 hours between meals.  As far as protein shakes are concerned look at the number of calories that are in the one that you are consuming.  The EAS ones are only 180 calories so I normally have it with a piece of fruit since it already has protein and carbs. I have tried the chicken soup and chicken chili meals listed on this site.  They both had about 2 tables for 4-6 servings.  I also ordered the Body for Life Cookbook to follow and as a guidleline for making my own food.  

  • There are too many options on the Nutrition site.. can u suggest which one to buy for a guy with 180 lb, 5 6 , 35 yrs and 19% body fat.

  • basmati rice is white and is ok on this program