Portion size

  • hi

    I read the book recently.. and it says you should eat meat sized of your clenched fist, and carbs the size of your open palm. correct me if im wrong

    Could i get a better clarifcation on this? as in roughly how many grams or any other weight of meat's and carbs should that be on average


  • That is actually a good way of doing it.  It usually turns out to be like 4-6 oz of meat and 3/4-1 cup of carbs.  But everybody is different.  If after a week your progression is stalling then lower the portion sizes but don't cut back too much too soon or risk stalling your metabolism

  • Meat = open palm

    Carb = closed fist

    Fat = thumb tip (1st knuckle to tip)

    Matty89 is correct on the avg grams - I have tracked portion control with actual scale measurements and it came out perfectly to what my calorie needs were.