Week 4 and craving food.

  • I am just starting my 4th week and for the first time I am having a crazy need to feed!  I grabbed a yogurt and spoonful of peanut butter. Now I still seem to crave something and worse, I have guilt for eating outside my 6 predesigned meals.

  • The list of authorised vegetables has many vegetables that you can eat a lot of. Get creative with them to increase the size of your meals. I had to invent many recipes not to go crazy the first time I did BFL. One of the tricks I used was use cabbage, leeks, coriander, onions, and dill to add my to meat portion to make kofta/meatballs/burgers. I also made many soups. Soups work great as well.

    Courage isn't lack of fear. It's our ability to carry on despite our fear

  • Thank you C4B great ideas.

  • Brenda, if you feel the need to eat more it's possible that your body is telling you that for a reason. Some people do add an extra protein shake on weight days, or something like that. And as you get further into the Challenge and your body continues to build more muscle mass and increase your stamina, sometimes you will want that extra charge. I remember in my first Challenge I would wake up every morning absolutely *starving* and now, on Challenge 2, Day 2, it's already happening again. Don't feel bad about it -- you ate approved foods and didn't go overboard, so that is a huge plus!

    Also, I agree with C4B, get creative! I used to make dishes like whole-wheat orzo with citrus, roasted pork tenderloin with onions and apples, roasted chicken breasts with garlic and lemon, etc to create savory, more satisfying meals that went above and beyond a basic protein + basic carb + basic veg. Look online at places like epicurious and clean eating magazine, they are full of great ideas for healthy, delicious, satisfying and colorful meals that take no time at all to prepare. And vegetables can definitely help. The fiber will help you feel fuller for a longer time period, so maybe look into adding vegetables to more meals beyond the minimum of two. Even if it's simply a handful of lettuce leaves with breakfast.

    Good luck!

  • Thank you MWSeahorse, great tips.  My meals are getting boring, mostly stir fry chicken, veggies over 1/2 cup brown rice or salads, or wraps.

  • Brenda4life... I am feeling like you!!!! This is my 6th week though and for the first time it seems like I can't be satisfied. I do stay within my boundaries though, but that nawing feeling in your stomach..."is it time to EAT yet?????" Maybe I will do what the others said above, add more vegetables. I am afraid to go outside of fist size portions because we all work so hard to see progress and then to destroy if I eat too much. Today I've been hungry ALL day! If what mwseahorse is right about building muscles causes you to need more, then I need to get creative to increase protein on a very tight budget.


  • I am rereading the BFL book hoping for more knowledge.  I want to make sure I am eating exactly to plan.  Just remember why you are working to lose the weight Soraya.  Honestly, I haven't had that feeling again since.  I think it was what I ate earlier in the day was not enough to sustain me.

  • Those are what I call "tip over points" - they happen about every 4-6 weeks and they should be embraced, all of my competition diet clients experience this. The body is running in super efficient mode and wants to go back to what it thinks is it's normal state. If you give into it then you'll miss it and stall out.

    You're eating needs to stay consistent and if you are trying to lose body fat you have to let the hormones do the work, yes they will make you ravenous but that is when you have to keep the eye on the prize - it'll be short lived usually a couple of days.

    I think you'll find if you try to fill up on vegetables it may help ease the hunger pains but your body will be crying for fat or sugar so it doesn't have to dig into the reserve fat stores. The switch is being flipped, be patient you'll be glad you did.

    Make sure you are being true to your portions and especially that you are getting your fats otherwise your hormones will work against you in the long term especially as a woman.

  • Yes indeed... I called the EAS Company today to ask about having been hungry more often this week and if they recommend increasing portions since muscle growth causes your body to need more proteins. They also explained that as your muscles start growing, your metabolism kicks up and it is very normal to eventually feel more hungry around this time. They suggested keeping the food portions the same, except couple meals a day add just a couple more bites, not more then that- if you need it. And the other option she also recommended was adding more vegetables, especially filling ones and have vegetables with all meals, not just a couple meals like the book suggests. I have been very strict with the food portions being fist size so I won't mess up things. Yes, Jim... we will keep the eye on the prize. Without blinking, haha. And good news is that since day one I haven't craved sweets. I only have desserts on off days.


  • Awesome and Excellent :)

  • That is great information, Jim.  I have been okay since, but if I get that feeling again, and I probably will... I will remember your advise.  Thank you.