shakes bother my stomach. what to do?

  • I've tried the powder AND the ready made....and they bother my stomach. Is there a way to get the protein and nutrients in my system without using the shakes? I really want the program to work for me...but I'm bummed...and so is my tummy.

    thanks :)

  • I went through a lot of gastro intestinal grief at first myself, the mildest shake i have found is the GNC brand, amplified wheybolic 60.  it is the only one that doesnt double me over in pain, I still get a bit of gas from using them but that is the nature of these things.   I mix mine with almond milk, or juice depending on flavor.  

  • I LOVE the GNC amplified whey.  It is expensive, but mixes so clean and doesn't cause me any stomach issues at all.  They often have BOGO 50% off sales.  That is when I stock up.  The EAS had too much iron in it for me.

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  • thank you both.

  • just eat real food.  One chicken breast is the same as eating one scoop of protein powder.

  • I dont eat meat,do you have another substitute?

  • Most problems with Whey is the concentrated lactose in the concentrations. Whey Protein Isolate (WPI) has lactose and milk fat striped out.

    Another thing - is if you are just starting your body may take a few weeks to build up the extra enzymes needed to break down the protein. Often supplementing digestive enzymes is a huge help with managing milk proteins discomfort. Most MRP's will have some added in but if you are particularly sensitive it may not be enough or the wrong type of enzymes.

  • thanks Jim, I got the supplement and they have been helping tremendously.

    I plan to go to GNC and buy what was recommended here...but would like to know if anyone else likes the GNC stuff also?

  • I take probiotics everyday; they help with your digestive health as well as your overall immune system.  I like Jarro-dophilus.  You can read reviews for them at As far as protein powder, GNC has a money-back guarantee, so you have nothing to lose.  I'd buy the small bag instead of the large container to try it first. If you don't like it, take it back for a refund.

    Best wishes.

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  • there are a ton of lactose free protein powders out there too.

  • Yes, GNC told me about the money-back guarantee. Bought the amplified wheybolic 60. 2 big packets. buy 1 get one 50%. I had about 6 oz. and no distress. I didn't even take the lactaid pill.    It wasn't cheap though but I believe worth it thus far. serving is 3 scoops.  Thanks for the help. Hope this helps others. :)

  • Glad you like the wheybolic extreme; it is my favorite.  The serving size is 3 scoops, but that is 60 grams of protein at one time; not many people need that amount.  I don't know your stats, but I use only 1 scoop for my protein drink (I am 5'4", 110-112#'s.  20 grams of protein is the right amount for me).

    "The only person you should try to be better than, is the person you were yesterday!"

  • hey BDmom. I'm petite like you too. I make up the drink and split it into 2 servings. I had first half this morning and just had the 2nd half.  And no stomach woes!!!! Yes, I love it. (thanks for the info guys).

    gonna make up half a shake for tonight.

    BDMom, if you are using one scoop you are only getting 20 grams of protein. The myoplex had 42grams per shake. Are you sure you are getting enough protein?

    Anyone have any thoughts on this?

  • Really the most a serious recreational male bodybuilder can use is about 35g of protein in a single setting - so from what I have pieced together from various studies is most BFLers would do fine with about 20-25g with Woman being on the lower end. If the body gets more protein than it can utilize it is either broken down, converted to be stored as fat or passed out the body. A serious physical athlete like a football player or heavy training bodybuilder can utilize more and has greater need for the higher intake.

  • I use Heartland Gold sprouted brown rice protein. It is gluten free and dairy free and there are no stomach issues. I just mix it with apple juice and I've been doing really well on it, 2x a day.