What type of luquid to make a shake?

  • I live in Belgium so I don't have access to the EAS products. I was wondering, for those who use regular protein powder to make a shake, what type of liquid do you use? Regular milk? Soy milk? Almond milk? or just water?



  • I don't use EAS products and make all my own shakes with whey protein isolate powder. I use water and unsweetened almond milk. Sometimes I use unsweetened coconut milk too. Blended with ice (I also sometimes throw in some berries and/or spinach, depending on what I'm using the shake for....meal replacement or recovery), they all make a super smoothie!!!!

    Good luck!

  • Hi,

    From what I have seen so far on instructions on different products, you can use milk, juice, alternative milk, water, etc. I have seen pros use whey protein in cooking and baking as well.

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  • If you use milk with your whey that counts as your carb for that meal. If you use water then you will need to add something else like fruit

  • I always use water and blend that with protein powder and frozen berries. If I want it to be thicker or creamier I will add a scoop of cottage cheese or nonfat Greek yogurt, which will up your protein but not heavily affect your carbs like milk or juice.