I have to eat out for lunch today :(

  • I hate eating out anymore.  It's so hard to know what is in everything or how it is prepared.  Everything is much worse than if it were just prepared at home.  But I have to have lunch with an underwriter today for work.  I know we are going to Granite City so I looked up the menu. 


    I'm thinking the Simply Grilled Salmon- Fillet of Atlantic salmon charbroiled to perfection with wild rice pilaf and fresh sautéed asparagus.   What's the difference between just wild rice and rice pilaf?  Does anyone know?  ARRGGG!  I wonder if they have protein shakes? :)

  • Well crap!  It's seem rice pilaf has sugar and butter in it.  Maybe I'll just have the Salmon & veggie and have an apple for a carb when I get back to the office.  

  • Pass on the rice.  Go with salmon and veggies.  Don't worry about the carb.  You can have a carb with your next meal, i.e. don't go out of your way to have one before your next meal.

  • Heather -  If possible call the restaurant and ask them for suggestions.  With so many health conscious people, maybe they can help.

    Also ask for any sauces on the side.  Either way, don't stress, You are doing great!!  Have fun with it, and remember it's just another part of your challenge!  =)

    ~Marqui D. C1W8D51

  • Another option,  is a simple sandwich on whole wheat(obv leave out the cheese and whatever else is a red flag).

    When I do eat out, it's either a sandwich of fish.  Make sure you tell them to fry the fish without butter or whatever else they may be using.

  • Good thought on making sure they don't grill with butter and sauces on the side.  Thanks for the tips.   I've never had Salmon at a restaurant so I'm kind of excited to try it.  I've grilled it myself but never had anything to compare it to.

  • I'm not a fan of Salmon, at all, but what I do notice is a staple at pretty much all restaurants is grilled salmon which is  the way you'd want it anyways.

    Looking for a carb?  Ask for a plain baked potato...straightforward and does the job.  

    Restaurants can be intimidating for the first time, no question, I felt it when I went out too but you'll find that they are open to pretty much any request you make as long as it's on the menu.

  • Baked potato is a great suggestion.  You could also ask if they could subsitute brown rice (if they have it), or just some whole wheat bread or a roll.  Good luck and have fun!


  • The Salmon was excellent!  And they replaced the rice with fresh strawberries!  YUMMY!

  • Granite City has AMAZING burgers - but ONLY for Free Day.  

    Salmon sounds good.  When you have to eat out, just make the best choices you can and keep anything you're not happy about in strict moderation.  You'll be fine.  ;o)