And this is where I "cheat"

  • So, 2% milk and low fat yogurt must be "unauthorized" since only Skim Milk and Fat Free yogurt appear on the lists on this website.  But then I look at labels and find that one serving of 2% milk has 15% saturated fat next to 30% saturated fat in Myoplex30, 11 grams of sugar next to 26 grams of sugar in Myoplex30.  Low fat yogurt has 0% saturated fat adn only 10 grams sugar per serving. This is how I look at all labels now, I compare them with Lean15 and Myoplex30. Everything has to be below those standards. Did I say I hate Skim milk? There are many protein bars out there by many other brands, but I don't touch them because they are full of saturated fats and sugars. But surprisingly... real mayo (which I have now substituted for low fat mayo) only has 8% saturated fat in one serving (one tbsp) and no sugars. That is just a tad above a lean15 protein bar which is at 5%. Well... Wont go back to regular mayo during the week, but I find it interresting to look at labels and compare them with the chart on my iPhone of what the bar is set at accoring to Lean15 and Myoplex30 and the shakes too. Happy with 2% milk though...skim tastes like dirty water to me. And I would have whole milk if I could, but then I would be naughty and evil, haha. So I choose to "cheat" on the 2% and low fat yogurt.

    I also read somewhere that someone said that fresh fruit has too much suger in them. That would be sad if true. But then again only some fruits appear on the list as authorized and under Carbs. I love watermelon, grapes, etc.... Don't know if they are unauthorized, but I am enjoying them even now.


  • Have you compared Almond, Soy or Coconut milk.  I start Monday and would really look into this.

  • I would imagine most if all fruits would be okay.  The thing about most fruits is they are simple carbs (fructose) but low on the glycemic index.  I wouldn't make them the majority of your carbs though, things like whole grains and other complex carbs will make you feel full longer than simple ones.  My understanding is natural carbs are low on the glycemic index and processed carbs and sugars tend to be higher.  Really as far as weight gain/loss your body will treat them the same way, but the unprocessed carbs and sugars give you a higher risk of heart disease and diabetes.  I found the following a good article:

    As far as saturated fats, that I'm not sure about.

  • Soraya: Congratulations on successfully reading nutrition labels! Any food in its natural state is BEST! Even though BFL recommends Myoplex products, they are still processed. Most are full of sugar and other things you can't pronounce (if you read the labels). I'm not sure if you are doing an official challenge and have to use Myoplex products. If not, I would say stick with you are doing and reading the nutrition labels carefully. Ready-made bars and shakes should only be used in emergencies, in my opinion. You should always choose whole, fresh foods over processed foods if at all possible. If you like shakes, I would say find a good, clean whey isolate powder and mix your own. My favorite brands are About Time Whey and GNC Wheybolic Amplified Whey. I prefer to use unsweetened almond milk in my shakes, but if you can tolerate skim or low-fat milk products, then do what works for you. Also, I make my own protein bars to have for emergencies. They are super simple....whey protein powder, oats, all natural peanut or almond butter, ground flax seeds, and water. I make a bunch at a time and freeze them. Also, fat free plain Greek yogurt is best as far as amount of protein and no sugar.

    Also, so many people have questions about fruit. Fruits are a carb. Don't be scared of fruit, but also don't go overboard b/c they do have sugar (even though it is natural sugar) and for a woman, you may have to limit your fruits to 2-3 per day, depending on the results you want to see on your challenge. In my opinion, berries (raspberries, blueberries, strawberries) are a very good choice, as well as apples....those are typically my staple, go-to fruits. Just as with anything, moderation is key. As Juju stated, don't make fruits your carb every meal....I typically eat fruit in my meals 1, 2 and sometimes 3, but then that's it for the day. See what works best for you....only you will be able to tell how your body responds.

    Good luck!!!!

  • Hi Soraya,

    Well I am glad you are "cheating" on the 2% milk because SO AM I! :-)

    My family all use 2% milk, hence we buy it in bulk. So I knew straight away that skimmed milk would be a "no can do" for me.

    I only have a small amount of milk in the morning with oats for breakfast (~200ml of milk, approximately a cup full).

    I looked into the nutritional data before I started Body For Life:

    200ml of 2% fat milk = 3.6g of fat (2.2g saturates)

    200ml of skimmed milk = 0.6g of fat (0.2g saturates)  

    The Carbohydrate and Protein data are identical.

    What I thought to myself is "Am I risking my success at Body For Life by drinking milk with 3.6g of fat in it per day (versus 0.6g per day?"

    I have decided no, 3.6g per day is nothing. I have stuck with the 2% milk, and my body fat is continuing to drop.

    Runnermom: Thanks for the fruit info! I am a regular eater of 3-4 pieces of fruit a day (apples and banana's mainly). Bananas aren't mentioned in the book, but I still eat them anyway! :-)  

  • I LOVE YOU GUYS!!! Your support makes me feel so warm inside.

    @Mrsdetermined... I have never looked into the data for Almond, Soy and Coconut Milk as I don't really like them either, haha. But my hubby likes them and I have bought them for him before.

    @JujuEyeBall and RunnerMom... wow, you guys are so knowlegable!!! I feel like a rookie here, haha. Very very good info. It helped me a lot and yes, I will continue to look at labels more and more. Yes, I focus more on whole grains and complex carbs too and fruit on the side.  I take my hats off for you Runnermom, for making your own bars. I have the powders on my list of "what to buy next". Sometimes lack of finances make it so that I can't get everything I would like to get, so hence I am in week 4 and haven't done the shakes yet. But yes, sticking to the program to a T, everything within those acceptable numbers.

    @Aurora82... Yay!!! I have a "cheating" buddy!!! I am not alone. hahah. Thank you guys... you all make me smile and feel like I can continue running because you are running with me.


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