• I drink black coffee every morning before my workout.  I used to be a creamer whore, but you can get used to drinking it black over time, especially its Dunkin or starbucks, etc.  I wake up, drink about a quart of water and a cup of coffee, then drive to the gym and bust out my workout.  I notice too, that coffee "shuts" my rumbling stomach right up, so there's no hunger issues during workouts.  I can't see how some caffeine can negatively affect a workout in the morning.  I've researched some pre-workout mixes that boost your workout, but many of them have very strong natural and synthetic stimulants, and often times the effects last hours after the workout.  Some caffeine is good for that morning boost.

  • Lots of good food for thought on coffee in here.  Thank you.  I do drink one plain tea each day and am switching to green tea for my second week of my challenge.  I have been enjoying the extra water each day, so I plan to be tea-free by week 3.  

    It's amazing how different I feel after just one week of healthier living.  Can't wait for future weeks in the Challenge when I not only feel better but when I actually WANT to do the workouts, or even crave doing them.  It'll come.  

  • I guess I wanted to mention that my one cup of tea each day last week was a change from 10-12 cups a day.  I had my tea cup in my hand everywhere I went.  People were even surprised and joked about it if I'd show up at a meeting without my tea mug.

  • I've done BFL before, with fabulous results.  That was 12 years ago.  I'm back again, in week 3.  

    When I did this before, I drank coffee every morning.  I cannot even imagine giving up the coffee.  Truthfully, there are just some things I am not going to give up, and this is really the one.  If my progress is slightly slowed, then so be it.  I have 3 children and am a 1st grade teacher, so if I didn't drink my morning coffee, oh woe to the small people in my world!!  :)  

    Seriously, though, I put in enough 2% milk to make it taste good, and I've started adding cinnamon (with no sugar).  The cinnamon has great health benefits, and it tricks my mind into thinking it's sweeter than it is.  

    Also, I drink the coffee up till about 8:00 (I leave the house at 4:55 am), and then it's water for the rest of the day.  In the evening, I have one cup of green tea with no caffeine, just to help a little with digestion and sleep.  I'm downing about 80 oz of water each day, so I don't feel guilty about my coffee first thing.  

  • Ok, I have to come back to this thread ... I am starting week 4 today (whoo hoo) and i must say that my desire for coffee has really taken a nose-dive.  It is the weirdest thing.  I didn't drink it for energy - i get lik 9 / 10 hours of restful sleep everynight.  i just enjoy the flavor.  I am not sure what the deal is, but i just don't crave it.  Has anyone else experienced this?  I still have one or two cups in the AM, but that's about it.  LOL!

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  • Tri-Tri-Again

    There is a reason for what you describe and it's a great one.  There is no such thing as a caffeine deficiency or even a need for it at all.  The reason many crave coffee late day, at around 3pm is a nutrient deficiency that caffeine will get you past, because of the boost.  You are obviously sticking to the eating plan and now your body is reacting more like it was meant.  

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