• Hi everybody, I am a new joiner and was wondering if Coffee is allowed here and also diet soda?

    Appreciate your answers!

  • Diet soda is a no, aspartame degrades your ability to burn fat. It's debatable what's worse the sugar from a non diet soda or the aspartame from a diet one, either way I woulnd't do any soda off of free day.

    Coffee is also a no but most people can't handle going without it. If you are someone who needs it, drink it balck. Cream, sugar and coffee whitener are not going to help you lose weight.

  • Hi Mika,

    I have done BFL for a little over a year now with nothing but SUCCESS (you can look at my profile). I drink coffee EVERY morning. There are so many benefits to coffee (in moderation, just like anything else) and there have been many studies done on the effectiveness of caffeine on workouts. I drink my coffee with a dash of powdered stevia and a splash of sugar- free non-dairy creamer. If I didn't have coffee, I would not be able to make it through the day. So, my opinion is yes, you can have coffee as long as you are not adding sugar and heavy creamer.

    I don't believe in drinking diet sodas. There are so many harmful effects, from the carbonation, artificial sweeteners, etc etc. I think you will find once you give up diet sodas, you won't even want them anymore. Water is best. Green tea is also a good choice if you get tired of water. If you crave diet sodas, save them for your free day.

    Good luck!!!

  • Greetings Mika,  Just for the record I did drink one cup of coffee during my last Three challenges and still got great results, Just be sure to avoid heavy cream or full milk and sugar (suggest stevia instead for that) and I only had one cup per day in the morning at that. (You can see my WPBILL profile for the results of my last challenge but remember the photos are reversed (After is above the Before).   Diet soda I would recommend you avoid due to the additives and sodium levels that they often contain. Try water or a drink like Sobee (Lean Machine is a good one) instead to substitute for it. Hope this helps you out. Keep MOving Forward!

  • Hi all, thought I'd ressurect this thread as I have some coffee related questions too. Just wondering if anyone can confirm why coffee may be viewed as a "no"/unauthorized on BfL, or indeed why it should be used very sparingly (ie 1 cup per day)?

    From what I have read, coffee/caffeine can have a positive affect on lipolysis (breakdown of fats), and in addition can help to boost energy levels. Am I missing something here? It seems like coffee could actually have positive results for weight loss, and many weight loss supplements actually contain caffeine.

    I currently drink several cups of coffee a day, plus green tea. I take my coffee black, no sugar ,and drink plenty of water throughout the day. I'm pleased to say that my results so far have been great, but I just wanted to check if there were any detrimental effects of coffee that perhaps I had not considered. Obviously excessive use of caffeine could potentially be negative, but is my current intake ok?

    In the last couple of weeks I've occassionally had coffee before training, and feel it has increased my endurance - any dangers in pre-workout consumption?

    Finally, I've also read of people taking coffee with their protein powders, and creatine. I assume they drink the coffee warm rather than boiling hot (which may adversely affect the protein/creatine?) is this recommended?

    Many thanks

  • According to Bill Phillip's book "Body for Life" you can drink coffee. Even looking at the weekly meal plans found in this site you'll see that coffee is listed as a part of breakfast. Moderation, moderation, everything. Phillips writes in his first book that he didn't want to sacrifice coffee but drinks it black; no to cream and sugar. I realize that 1TSP of cream is going to "slow" weight loss, but I cannot imagine it is going to derail your entire workout! Just be sensible. Try eliminating something for a week and see if you notice any better results. If so, stick with it! Good luck

  • Coffee tastes like burnt water. Really.  It's disgusting. 

    Some people may disagree and for those people, it's good to know that coffee absolutely is allowed.  Actually, it can be helpful.  It's a thermogenic.  Black coffee is obviously best and do have an extra cup of water for each of anything with caffeine, given the diuretic impact of those things, but yes, it's allowed. 

    Diet Soda... give up that crap.  It will kill you. 

    Jessica Mighty Max ~ 2013 Body-for-LIFE Champion ~ Champion is a VERB!

  • What about fat free half and half?

  • Coffee?  Yes, please.  I love coffee, but enjoy it in moderation.  I am only in week 2, first time around, so we'll see how things go.  I've lost over 100lb over the past few years and coffee has always been a part of my morning ritual.  

    Go, Becca, Go!  Tri Tri Again!  

  • @missy, fat free usually means carb-full, LOL.  Read the label.  

    Also two things about coffee:  I have heard that it slows down the metabolism and it is a diuretic.  So if you do drink it, drink an extra water for each cup.  Personally, I drink coffee every day and am happy with my BFL.



  • How about if I add a scoop of protein powder to off set it? LOL. Just kidding. :) My weaknesses are Lattes. I make my own syrups that put starbucks to shame. :) I've switched to syrup made with splenda, but I am sure that's much help.

  • Funny, yes I discovered using sweetened condensed milk and a big squeeze of hershey's chocolate in a coffee toddy, blended with crushed ice is as good as Starbux any day - as long as that day is a free diet day...

  • That is an important caveat, Frick.  LOL!

    Go, Becca, Go!  Tri Tri Again!  

  • When it comes to coffee just be aware of the coffee and cortisol connection.

  • Every morning before working out I make a cappuccino with espresso and low calorie vanilla soy milk. Soy milk has fewer calories and a lot less sugar than fat free regular milk and the light version is even better. It's already a tad sweet so you don't need to add an artificial sweeteners. Since a cappuccino is mostly foam it's better for you than a latte. This gets me through the morning, and then I switch to tea and water. I do have an occasional diet soda as well (the new tiny 9 oz cans). Moderation is the key.