Eating fruit?

  • Hello,

    I'm new to the BFL program and I've ordered the books; but I'm already trying to read as much as I can so I can start soon ;-)

    I was wondering how much fruit you can eat on the program?



  • a healthy carb is the size of your closed fist. protein is the palm of your hand. I eat a fruit and a protein almost all my meals. Like low fat cottage cheese=protein,  chucked pineapples, peaches, cantaloup anything fruit. Hope that helped, I'm sure others do different things.

  • Fruit is great on BFL and you can eat it every day if you like. Fruit counts as a carb because of the natural sugars found within and as we dont want too much sugar in out diet the best fruit you can get are the berries. I eat a fist full of black berries or rasberries once or twice a day. Tropical fruits however have a lot of sugars and a high GI, things like banana and pineapple. Best to avoid those ones if possible.

  • I have actually cut most fruit out just because I have a hard time balancing the 40-40-20 (protein-carb-fat) when I eat fruit.  I am trying to eat lean meat and veggies for my meals.  I still enjoy an apple on occasion with my cottage cheese.

  • Greetings,  When I was on the last three challenges, I ate, chunked pineapple, pears, peaches (in natural juice or splendra), mandarin oranges, canteloupe and apples (au natural ) and of course bananas (smaller ones) to fit the fist sized requirement . They all seemed to help with nutrients and stamina for the day.   Hope this helps out!

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