I know...

  • ...calories isn't required to be watched on body for life but I got nothing to do that i figured out today's intake.

    Here goes.

    2,532 overall calories.

    59 grams = 531 calories from fat

    149 grams = 596 calories from protein

    284 grams = 1,131 calories from carbohydrates

    and the rest I have no idea where they are from.

    oh and i don't know what will happen if I were to keep this kind of intake in.

    thanks in advance. :)

  • Dang!  That's enough calories to sustain a very large build man!  I assume you are implying that we do need to think about calories.  I agree.

    Would you be willing to post your menu for that day?

    Thanks Esteam.

  • lol, i thought so.

    Alright then, here it is.

    Calories - Fat(in Grams) - Protein(in Grams) - carbohydrates(in Grams)

    6ish am

    170 - 1.5 - 30 - 08 Six Star Whey Protein Powder (triple chocolate)

    060 - 01 - 02 - 25 Fiber One Original Cereal

    100 - .5 - 1 - 25 Apple Jacks cereal

    9ish am

    150 - 08 - 18 - 00 Chicken 4oz

    400 - 04 - 10 - 70 Pancakes 4oz


    180 - 15 - 07 - 08 Peanut Butter 1oz

    220 - 02 - 06 - 44 2 slices of bread

    130 - 05 - 10 - 13 Milk


    156 - 00 - 12 - 00 2 egg whites

    190 - 07 - 04 - 29 Nature Valley Oats N Honey


    150 - 08 - 18 - 00 chicken 4oz

    220 - 02 - 04 - 29 2 slices of bread


    156 - 00 - 12 - 00 2 egg whites

    120 - 00 - 01 - 29 pops cereal

    130 - 05 - 10 - 13 milk


    2,532 - 59 - 149 - 284 ?

  • Oh yeah, and im like 5'3 20 years old(21 december)

    The lowest i ever weighed was like 118lbs...when i was 18.

    I really want to weigh that much again.

  • Anyone know how many i should be eating to end up at or around 115lbs? :)

  • I was about 6 months old when I weighed that much!  (just kidding)

    I agree that the calories can really add up depending upon the choices made for protein and carbs.  But it seems that the problem you are having is related to having trouble understanding the program.  ... And so do I!  It is not clear exactly what to do.

    I'm no expert for sure - just started the program.  I could be wrong, but I don't think 2 carbs in one meal fits the program.  It may not be part of the program, but I wouldn't choose sugar cereals, especially more than once a day.  I don't think 400 calories in pancakes would count as one carb - maybe you are not using the Body for Life recipe for pancakes.  (There are recipes for foods that fit the plan on this website.)

    I think it would be most helpful if you call the 1-800 number for Body for Life and ask them about this stuff.  I don't want to tell you the wrong things!



  • lol, yeah I was thinking about that too. (the carbs part)

    So thanks...I think ima give them a call in about an hour.

    i checked the nutrition facts on the pancakes and that's like 2.5 servings. -_- lol

    I weighed it out.

    Ill let you know what they tell me :)

  • I just called and this guy told me not to weigh out my food.

    I guess on slice of bread will do?

    And ima buy the book. :)

  • I am going to try to match the protein and carbohydrate intake...see how that works. :)

  • esteam, once you buy the book you will understand the program when it comes to the meals. No sugary cereals. It is 6 times a day eating one portion of protein, one portion of carbs and add vegies to at least 2 meals a day. One portion is the size of your clenched fist. Not a full plate. And then proteins should all be lean, no fried chicken for example. 2 slices of Whole Wheat bread is considered one portion. But to help you more with the list of authorized and unauthorized foods are on this site too besides in the book, even more extensive then in the book. I believe under library. There is also a shopping list on this site, I printed it out. Hope this helps. Yes, no need to count calories not weigh food. Blessings.


  • Sounds good.

    I messed up on the phone...i asked the guy if "one piece of bread would do."

    i should have asked if one slice. lol

    Thanks SorayaRosaria

    oh ps, you wouldn't know the links or how to navigate to the pages you are talking about on this site? :)

  • lol, i just re-red the comment and saw library. ;)

  • Hello esteam,  SorayaRosaria is right about the sugary cereals, you need to cut them out (gradually if that help to stay away from them long term for the challenge).  One of the former BFL CHampions, Dr LIFe (seen in the Cenergenics ads on Tv as an example of transformation at age 84) recommended tracking your calories for about one week to see what it takes to maintain your current weight, then he suggests dropping that caloric amount by 20% to get the ideal amount of calories you should max consume for the day inorder to loose at a correct, steady rate.  a target calorie count for each day.  Mine came out to be 1,814 for the day last challenge and I always tried to stay below that rate during my time and ending up losing 12 lbs of body fat last time around (doctor verified by checkups) My height is 5' 10" and weight at the end of the C3 (Third BFL Challenge) was 221 and one week later 218. Don't let the scale fool you though because while you are loosing body fat you are putting on some muscle weight during the program and muscle weighs 3 times more than body fat weight.  Be sure to put a before photo if you can on your fridge door too! That is a big help to avoid snacking in the wrong way.  Keep Moving FOrward.

  • Sounds good WPBill

    Well I think ill let the sugary cereals go today. :)

    So far today i ate me some...

    Fiber one original Cereal 60 calories, peanut butter 180 calories, 2 egg whites 156 calories and a cup of milk 130 calories.

    Oh hey WPBill, you mentioned that anything with more than 10% sodium isn't recommended how does it go for cereals?

    % of sugar.

    oh and i think i over do it on breakfast?

  • Check this out. :)

    On Fri, Aug 3, 2012 at 1:07 PM, EAS Customer Care <eascustomerservice@abbott.com> wrote:

       Hello Albert,

       Thank you for contacting EAS(R).

       We appreciate your interest in the Body-for-LIFE(R) program! The Body-for-LIFE Library contains a wide variety of resources to help you during your challenge. The Library contains a sample weekly meal plan, a first week's shopping list, and some of our previous champion's meal plans. For your convenience, we have provided a link to the Library below:


       The Eating-for-LIFE(R) method does not suggest tracking details such as knowing the weight of a food. Since everyone's portion sizes will vary, it is difficult to state exactly how many ounces would constitute a portion of protein or carbohydrate for each individual.

       The suggested portion of protein is the size of your open palm about the size and thickness of your hand, not to include your fingers. So, any protein you select needs to roughly equal this measurement. As a general rule of thumb, a portion of protein with this method (depending on the individual) may range from around 3 - 6 oz. Cottage cheese is 6 -8 ounces.

       A portion of carbohydrates can be measured with your clenched fist. Fortunately, this may be roughly equal to a medium-sized potato or yam. However, if you are measuring something like rice or pasta, you'll need to estimate your portion size by placing your clenched fist down on your plate, then portioning out that much food. Yogurt is 6-8 ounces.

       A portion of vegetables is 1/2 cup of cooked vegetables, or 1 cup of raw vegetables or tossed salad. You can have more vegetables but make sure that eating more does not interfere with your next meal.

       A portion of healthy fat is 1 tablespoon of oil (safflower, sesame, canola, etc.) or 1 ounce of nuts (almonds, walnuts, etc.).

       Should you have any additional questions about the program, please feel free to contact our EAS Consumer Relations Department at 800-297-9776 (Monday through Friday 8:30 AM - 5 PM, Eastern time).

       Please let us know if we can be of further assistance.



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       Question/Comments: I know I am doing it wrong, I would like some help. Like an example of a day or week's list of food eaten with nutrition facts and grams would be nice. Thanks in advance. Ill call just in case its easier. :)