Meal Options can't always go perfect, right?

  • Way to GO, Mykal if driving cross country has not pushed you out of the plan. Congratulations for sticking with it. Thank you for the ideas. You know when I started feeling much better too? A couple days ago I found on this site an example of what past champions eat on a daily basis and to my surprise, many of them eat the same menu over and over. Here I was thinking I had to havea 50 options on my menu. One particular guy has from Monday to Saturday the very same daily menu. So, I won´t beat myself so much about it anymore. As long as I am eating according to the plan my body is getting what it needs. And you know, my blender just died and so making smoothies and shakes has to wait a little bit more. Because then I think when money is tight... do I buy a blender of just buy more food??? Urggggg.


  • I am on a tight budget as well.  Cottage cheese and protein pudding (from the sample week) help me fill in some of those snacks without a lot of cost.

  • I didnt get to work out as much as i wanted to on my vaca, but when dad and I got into Vegas we hit the gym HARD   My dad is a big guy, 60 years old and still squatting 325!  It was ridiculous how sore I got working out with him.  I am in full swing this week, eating 500 more calories than i was in an effort to gain more, I seem to be stuck around 185, I know its a good problem to have, but frustrating none the less!     One more week left, pictures to come.      On that note I will say, money comes and goes, buy your blender because packing a smoothie is cheaper than the bars when you add it up.   You are doing great by the way, good job!  

  • Brenda4life, I need to go find that protein pudding that you are talking about!! Very curious. Mykal, you have been missed. Good to hear from you. Ha! I see you are in the same boat as me with the soreness. This is no joke! Resting up so that Monday I can be ready to go. Smoothies are in the plans now that I found my older blender in the basement. Thank you for keeping in touch.