Meal Options can't always go perfect, right?

  • Well, I think it would be easier if you were single and doing this solo or else whole family doing this together. But with picky teenager kids (although they are skinny, but still growing) I can't expect them to follow my food plan. At least hubby will gladly eat the more healthier stuff with me since this time around he is not following the challenge, at least not right now. But going shopping will be a bit of a challenge to please everyone. I hate skim milk! Thank God the girls don't like it either, just hubby, so 2% is fine according to the BFL book. But there are other things that will be more complicated I am sure.

    Also planned my meals for the day, but due to having to leave for some hours, things got thrown around so I stopped at Walmart to get a protein bar, but they didn't have Myoplex and the other brands either had to much sugar or not enough protein and so on. It was frustrating cause it was time to eat, I was so hungry and here I had to stand and read all kinds  of labels. But I am sure once I get this down, it will get easier. I love the fact that as of last night I planned a day's worth of meals in advance though and cooked some things in advance to be able to just grab when I need to eat. You can also follow my new journey under the string "This is my journey" ... I love the support and friendship possibilities


  • Forgot to mention that I made Spaghetti for Dinner tonight for whole family and although ground beef was 73% lean, I couldn't stop thinking of all the grease I saw on the bottom of the pan and started scooping it out as much as was possible and then wondering if this will ruin all my workout efforts I did today. Starting weight 150 lbs, have so far lost 3 lbs only to see I gained 1lbs by this morning. I hate seeing a step backward!!! I am so impatient, I wanted to be all buff by YESTERDAY. hahaha.  So, I hope meal plans won't be a frustration. Day 4 down.


  • Quit stepping on the scale!  Seriously, it will put your mind at ease.  It's all a crap shoot to begin with anyway and the scale isn't an accurate measure of what you ate the previous day anyway.  Hydration level, bowel movements, clothing, what you ate the previous day, sodium, it all plays a role.  :)  Aside from that, gaining or losing doesn't really reflect what's happening internally.  Buy some calipers (Amazon) and a tape measure for your measurements and boot the scale until week 4.  And even then remember the number has nothing to do with your appearance, value, or progress.  Best of luck in your journey.

  • Also wanted to add I have two kids in the house and they are unaffected by this excepting they have a little more freedom at breakfast.  It can be done with a family and everyone will be just fine!

  • I have the same worries of sorts,  since I am a hard gainer, if I miss meals or dont eat enough my weight goes down quickly with how active I am.  When it comes to ground beef and what not, I always push the meat to one side of the pan and soak up the grease on the other side.  My wife is trying to lose on the challenge like you, so its all about portions, and CARBS!   I need to eat a ton of carbs and she has to limit herself, so cut down on the carb portions and only whole grains.   That is my opinion anyway, some argue with me on this.  But we are only human, we are going to eat carbs and grains because we arent strictly carnivores!        Long story short, you will porpus upand down with your weight, dont be discouraged, just have to be conscious of what you are putting in, and how hard you are working.  

  • On a side note, what southern butterlies said is very true, get a tape measure, it is a true representation of the inches you will lose, because you will actually be gaining muscle mass since you are working hard, and that can make the weight decieving.

  • Throw the scale away!!!  It is an evil demon!!  As said... focus on measurements and how you feel in clothing.  

    On a side note... after cooking ground beef, I always rinse it under hot water in a strainer.  Then I throw it back in the pan or pot and add my veggies or sauce or whatever we are having with it.  Makes me feel like I have gotten rid of all the fat.  :)

  • aahahahah, you girlies are so funny, both SouthernButterflies and dobegirl. But you are 101% right. Stepping on the scale all the time can be a problem. I must confess, I have been addicted to the scale for the past 15-20 years because I fear gaining weight. I could always tolerate 10lbs over and then force myself back down to ideal weight. It's the famous yoyo thing. But now that I reached 15 over I freaked and jumped back into BFL. I guess it was always my meter in my mind, but like you said, not a good one becuase it doesn't tell the real story. So, with that being said, I will follow your advice and stop stepping on it for now. Not necesarily throwing it away, dobegirl, hahahah. But I have now hid it in the attic because if it is in my bathroom I will step on it every morning. And I never go into the attic unless I have to get a suitcase out or something like that. You are right. I need to knock it OFF. Thanks Mykal... I felt encouraged that you affirmed that I am indeed working hard and I am gaining muscle mass even if I can't see the progress 5 MINUTES AFTER WORKOUT! HAHA.  Impatience doesn't help anyone. Nor does the scale.


  • I wanted to come back and tell you, just to help you see, that I woke up this morning and felt so GREAT!  I felt light and smaller, if you will.  Stepped on the scale because I was SO curious I couldn't stand it, and guess what?  I am 4.5 pounds UP.  No biggie to me, I have my blinders on and know it's irrelevant because I feel fantastic.  Just wanted to share my experience.

  • I am sure that for you its all muscles growth though since you might have been doing this much longer then me. I just started 5 days ago and I look forward to building muscles again like I did in the past. Muscles weigh more then fat for sure. So, More muscle pounds to both of us!!  But I did put the scale away just to take away that temptation and bondage, haha.


  • Good for you, SorayaRosaria!!  I just started last week.  If you need more accountability and haven't gotten involved with a bigger group, you are welcome to join a great group of ladies in the anyone starting around 7/15 thread.

  • Anyone else drink coffee? I don't everyday, but about 2-3 times a week I do. Does this have to be in a specific category of nutrition and if so,  does it have to be at the mealtimes? Or can you drink coffee anytime? I have to have a bit of flavored creamer though!!! Black coffee is just horrible to my tastebuds.


  • I laid off the coffee during the week, coffee by itself has zero calories (10 depending on who you ask).  I suppose there are varying schools of thought on this one but I don't see how the coffee can do any harm.....the creamer on the other hand, or sugar.....??????????

  • Today for the first time I am feeling a bit frustrated with meal planning. I have lost my Management position a few months ago and since then have not worked much and needless to say, there hasn't been any steady income except my Husband's paycheck. It is hit and miss for me. We haven't missed food in the home or anything mayor, but now that I have started this BFL  and want to go all the way I realize it is an investment still. I have learned to save so much money by couponing, but then you buy whatever is the most economical, not necesarilly the best for nutrition. Well, so far I have gotten EAS bars on sale for $1 each and bought 10 of them to start, so I have only been able to use 1 bar a day as my breakfast after workout so that I don't use them up too fast. Then with coupons I got 3 muscle building Myoplex bars for free (which I love, when it's free). But how frustrating when the meal options get stuck around only 2-3 options for e.g protein because you don't have money to go buy fish, lean steaks and everyting else on the list and not to mention the ready to drink shakes. I want those really bad because it would take 2-3 meal preps out of the schedule. I litteraly sit and try to figure out a nice meal out of what limited I have to work with and it doesn't even sound appealing then. Today I read in someone else's thread that they are using Betagen together with the shakes and what a big difference that has made. I want to use it all, but don't even have money for gas right now. I wish $500 would drop from the sky so I could order cases of the shakes and bars and such and fill my freezer with exciting proteins. None the less, I am going to stick to the lame same chicken breast and egg whites and shaved lean turkey breast until I can do more. Workouts are going great!! Upper Body today and my arms feel so tired, like constantly burning and it's been over 4 hrs since I worked out. Oh, on a side note I learned not to prepare too much in advance of the same item because then you have to eat left overs for days and that sucks too when for days you are going in circles eating up the same things for 5 meals a day with no suplements like shakes to excite things.


  • I have run into the same,  as the economy hit my business hard this year.  One thing that i do is buy in bulk at costco, it is cheaper in the long run.  My wiife gets very creative with the meals with a limited budget, try the taco pasta it is fantastic and in the eating for life menu.  I wish i had more advice to give on this one but alas, being in the same boat, you just have to try and make it interesting.   Find beneprotein at walmart, or unflavored protein, greek yogurt and frozen strawberries, splenda or truvia, make a smoothie with 20-30 grams.  Super good!  Super good for you.  

    Sorry it took so long, i am driving cross country with my dad, talk about hard to stick to the workout and diet but i havent slipped yet!