Seltzer Water

  • Hi there everyone,

    I'm just starting out on this and I was curious if it is okay to substitute seltzer water for regular water sometimes? Or is there anything that I could substitute in place of water sometimes? I do enjoy ice water, but sometimes it just gets a little boring for me :-/  Thanks everyone!

  • Have crystal light it only has 10 cals and is delicious

    Your today shapes your tomorrow!

  • Greetings afleece,  I currently use Sobee Lean Machine, it has 0 calories and lots of elements to help you with your workouts and two great flavors Strawberry/Dragonfruit and Fuji Pear .  It also has ginseng, chromium, and vitamin C.

  • Thanks for the tip WPBill I got some of them today the Fiji apple pear is delicious and no cals double bonus

    Your today shapes your tomorrow!