• My wife was reading BLF and noticed that melon is an authorized food. I told her that although it isnt mentiond in the book, I believe that they are talking about cantalope and honey dew.  I think Water melon is to high in sugar, Am I right about this or is water melon an authorized food?

  • I used cantelope during my C3 and prior CHallenges and I do believe that is on the list. Not sure about the watermelon, but there are worse fruits I am sure you could eat and watermelon this time of year does help with heat related issues when outside. (we actually experimented with this while I was in the service with regards to hot afternoon formations versus rates of pass outs by folks in formation and found out that the folks who had a small slice of watermelon before going out to formation were much less likely to pass out during the formation in the hot Alabama sun).

  • The list is representative, not all inclusive.  You maybe wouldn't choose honey dew as your regular fruit, but it's absolutely authorized.  Blueberries aren't listed either and they are arguably the absolute best fruit choice. 

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  • thanks for input guys.