EAS Muscle Armor

  • I assume that you take protein in ADDITION to muscle armor? I can't be entirely sure because a couple of the ingredients look like they might be amino acids...

  • From what I've been told... your protein intake should be approximately 1 gram per lb of lean body mass, split up throughout the day in 5-6 meals. In example, I am 189 and probably 155-160lbs of lean body mass... which would put me anywhere from 25-30 grams of protein per serving 5-6 times a day. This is my protein intake regardless of the supplements I use.

    The Muscle Armor has aminos, but not all the aminos that build a protein... If memory serves me, a protein contains a "chain" of 20 amino acids... the aminos that are in Muscle armor assist in protection of the muscle you have built, and recovery of the muscle you are breaking down.

    So... In the short of it all... you take the Muscle Armor in adition to your body's protein requirements.

    Also... Sorry if I went into the anatomy of it all... I do this with my son, and he is finally getting the hang of it and realizing that he learns something from my sharing (first I had to make him understand it was "sharing", and not lecturing :-)



  • I have been taking the Muscle Armor shortly after workouts to help with rebuilding and cut down on soreness of a heavy workout. it has been a great help in those areas, but Yes you do need to take the protein in addition to the EAS Muscle Armor. The armor has HMB and Juven to help with the recovery and loss avoidance issues. I like the orange flavor the best, kinda reminds me of TANG. (now I'm dating myself). Be sure to log the caloric in your daily totals though because one glass has 110 calories. Keep Moving Forward!!!

  • Thanks, guys! I'm not formally enrolled for the challenge, but I figured I'd use some EAS product as a thank-you for having these forums. I like the protein I already use, but the muscle armor isn't something I already use, so that's what I'll pick up.