• Simple question

    Will eating a large amount of vegetables hinder my fat loss at all?

    I try to do it to keep up fibre intake (to keep regular).

    I am seeing results (week 5, lost 6kg, mirror looks better)

    But I want the ultra results!

    I am pushing the weights harder and harder, and can make myself sore everytime, but have good quality recovery protein so im good to go again the next time.

    And most of the time i can hit a 10 on the cardio.

    Im also doing both gym and cardio first thing in the morning prior to eating to maximise fat loss.

    Am I doing anything wrong? When will i start to see  the belly go????

    Everything else (chest, back, legs) is getting thinner

  • It sounds like you are doing everything right, just keep going, keep pushing hard and eating clean. My biggest results came in week 12.

    Fat comes off out bodies in layers or sheets. You can not spot reduce fat. Some areas of our bodies have deeper stores of fat so it takes longer to see results in those areas. Picture a swimming pool with a deep end and a shallow end. When you start eating right and exercising you pull the plug on the pool starts draining. As the pool drains you see the shallow ends exposed first. You want to see the deep end exposed (love handles for example) and you think the fat loss has stopped. It hasn't. The pool is  still draining it just takes time and dedication to get right to the bottom.

    Am I making sense?  

    Keep up the great work! Keep going strong and finish all 12 weeks. Your results will be spectacular!

  • Thats a great comparison from Orrin.  Have faith and the other areas will fall into line in time during the Challenge.(especially during the later weeks from 7 or 8 on)