Am I getting enough calories?

  • Hi, I'm  a 25 year old male (172 cm and 75 kg/126lbs/ fat%:15-17) And I would really appreciate some feedback.

    I've been doing the BFL program for 3 weeks now. I've followed every advice in the book, but now I'm having some doubts whether or not I'm gettting enough calories in order to reach my goals, which is losing fat and gaining lean muscle, to achieve that fatfree- muscular look.

    I keep myself rather active, besides working out  6 days a week according to the BFL-method and going to school(where I sit alot) , I do strenious work two days a week at a factory.  and bike everywhere I go. 

     As far as nutrition goes, I have been using the Palm/fist/cup method for measuring portions.

    Estimation of my calorieconsumption for a regular day.

    1. meal:  326.5 Kcal   (Protein 48,5/Carbs:21/Fat:2,1)

    2. meal: 339 Kcal (Protein 43,6/Carbs:30,1/Fat:3,7)

    3. meal: 326,5 Kcal  (Protein 48,5/Carbs:21/Fat:2,1)

    4. meal: 339 Kcal (Protein 48,5/Carbs:30/Fat:3,7)

    5 meal. 326,5 Kcal  (Protein 48,5/Carbs:21/Fat:2,1)

    6 meal 311,6 Kcal (Protein 45,5/Carbs:21/Fat:7,1)

    Total consumption  1969 Kcal ( protein 230,2/Carbs 142.3/Fat :22.8)

    I calculated my BMR with some parameters such as height  fat%, activity and goalselection (losing fat/maintaining weight/Gaining lean muscle )

    The values were ranging from 2200 to 3100 Kcal.

    It happens that I dont feel entirely satiated after each meal and really look forward to the next one immideately after finishing the previous one. And often feel tired after working out. Which Is why I suspect not getting enough calories. I really want to do this thing right, and remain faithful to the promise and the goals I made upon starting the program. So to conclude.

    The question+bonus-question are:

    Am I getting enough calories in order to reach my goals?

    Am I consuming to many proteins compared to carbs (1.6:1 ratio)?

    Kind regards,


  • e440,

    Your meals look pretty good in my opinion, without know exactly what you eat (source of protein, carbs and if your are eating a ton of veggies and so forth) I would say tow things: 1) if you are hungry and feeling tired after workouts you are probably not eating enough. From looking at your post you could add some more good fat and some complex carbs and see how you feel. 2) take pics and measurements and monitor your progress. If you are not seeing results headed in the right direction then adjust accordingly.

    My experience has been the biggest and best changes happen in week twelve and (for me) the best things happened in the two weeks following my challenge. Stick to the program for all 12 weeks and plan and record everything so you can adjust as needed.

    I hope that makes some sense.