Just about to start first Challenge, but...

  •  I am just about to start my first Challenge - 6/18/2012. I have read the book and been on the website daily re-reading, looking, and trying to plan.  I am just a little hesitant to use protein powders/bars for "snacks".  The snacks should contain protein and carbs, too, right?  If I eat fat free yogurt and pair it with a protein, or low fat cottage cheese with a fruit, I should be ok?  Any advice/comments would be greatly appreciated!


  • Yes, those would work.

  • yes cottage cheese and yogurt (watch the sugar content tho) or cottage cheese with fruit are great meals. Pretty much my standard 6th meal around 9pm before bed.

    All the best with your challenge! Keep us posted with your progress. I know you will have great success!

  • You'll be fine. The last time I completed the challenge, I almost never had protein bars and only had protein shakes 2-4 mornings a week. I much prefer a snack to a protein bar...they feel like eating a candy bar...

    I recommend blueberries in cottage cheese-my favorite snack! :)

  • I concur,  I think that would work as well. The others are for convience and times when travel is in your plans and cannot take a cooler with you perhaps.  I do like the flavors of the RTD in the myoplex and bars so I am partial to them but I do use cottage cheese and an approved fruit to replace them when at home  from the fridge (where I placed my start photo to remind me of how I looked at first, great tip by the way).

  • I can understand the bars (they always caused sugar cravings for me), but why are you hesitant to use protein powder?  There are a lot of good clean options out there, and it is a great meal following a workout, since the liquid is digested more quickly than food.  A lot of them contain essential amino acids that are great for replacing what is lost during a weight workout, as well as a good aide for building/repairing the muscle after being broken down.  If you don't want to use them, then by all means just eat good clean food, and always pair a protein with a carb.  Your last meal of the day could be more protein rich than carb.  Good luck.

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