Bought jello cook & serve puddings by mistake!

  • Has anyone made the protein puddings with the cook & serve version? If so did it work and did you make the same way? Hot or cold version?

  • I used to be an instant-only person but switched to Dr. Oetker's organics.  Now I have to cook 'em but it's no big deal -- really!  Just start the pan on medium heat and stir constantly till it thickens.  You're actually much better off than instant... the ingredients are purer, esp in Dr. Oetker's.  Finally, an organic pudding to get me through the challenge!  Hope this helps...

  • Gotta watch out for the extra carbs and sugar in those Jello mixes, perhaps better saved for the Free day ventures.  Have you checked into the predone Protein pudding in cans that you can take with you from the GNC and such stores in your area. I haven't tried them yet, if you do let me know how they are taste and nutrionan wise. Thanks!