dried fruit

  • i posted this yesterday, subject prunes, lol, no one replied. so i thought if i labeled it dried fruit maybe i would get an answer.

    are dried fruits allowed? prunes, rasins, dried apples, etc.

  • Dried fruits are typically very sugary.  I'm not sure if maybe prunes are okay, but not raisans or dried apples.  There is also a loss of nutrients in the drying process. 

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  • I would agree with Jessica. You should be very careful with dried fruit. I wouldn't say don't eat them but be very aware that dried fruits are both nutritionally dense and caloriclly dense. Read the labels and find out the serving/nutritional information. Like grapes, for example, dried fruit is tasty and small and convenient so it is so easy to eat too much.

  • thanks for your comments, i  no that they are full of sugar, i just thought maybe the prunes having lots of fiber would be ok. i will not consume them. i really need to clean up my diet, not only for the challenge but for sake of getting into good eating habits.

  • No wi'm sad :( My favorite oatmeal has a small handful of raisins and dried cranberries...I could sacrifice the raisins, but I love dried cranberries. I also love putting dried cherries in my chicken salad. I suppose I can save these things for free day though :)