New to the program... help??

  • I am new to this program.. I was doing Weight watchers before And i find I need something new to help me lose some more fat. I weigh 150 pouds at 5'1. I am wondering how everyone figures out what to eat for every meal and how much protein and carbs im suppose to be eating for each meal. I am following the guide for the first week, but after that I have no idea what to do, and i dont want to give up if I dont know how to eat propery on BFL



  • Easiest way to do it is "by the book" - six meals per day, each meal consisting of a portion of quality lean protein the size of your palm and a portion of carbohydrates the size of your clenched fist. At two of the meals, add a serving of vegetables. This site has a list of example "authorized" foods ( One day per week is a "free day" where you can ignore the guidelines as much as you want (many people just do a "free meal" or two instead of a whole free day). And don't forget the ten cups of water per day!

    The beauty of this method is it auto-sizes your portions for your proper body size without needing to count grams or calories. If, for some reason, you really want or need to count grams and calories, I would suggest taking several "example" meals which follow the "palm-and-fist" rule and analyzing them to get an appropriate range for grams and calories (remember to use portion sizes that match YOUR palm and fist, not what someone else wrote that they eat), rather than trying to make sense of the bewildering array of formulas, guidelines and rules of thumb that are out there.

  • you can never go wrong with oatmeal.  it helped me get through my transformation.  i mixed plain minute oatmeal with scoop of chocolate whey and water.  it helped with my cravings, kept me regualr (sorry), kept me full, and provided me with whole grains.  definitely six small meals.  one of my friends told me something I kept thinking about during my 12 weeks.  when you are trying to lose weight and burning calories, you have to keep fueling the fire.  six small well balanced meals keep that fire going.  if you don't put wood on the fire, the fire burns out.  so don't skip your meals.  even if it's a quick 250 calorie protein bar and a piece of fruit, keep that fire going!  good luck with the transformation.

  • The authorized food list is a great place to start. just mix and match one protein and one carb from the list. It's so easy!