• Is anyone eating grapes - I don't see them on the list and I am wondering why?

  • I am not.  My guess is it is very high in natural sugar but honestly I am not sure.

  • I eat grapes with cottage cheese as one of my 6 meals. I may not eat them just before bed but during the day is fine.

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  • I agree with KO, probably the sugar. Grapes have two or more times the calories and sugar of any fruit on the approved list (except when comparing to apple slices by weight, then it's only 50% more; by volume it's still double). I doubt that means you need to eliminate them altogether, though; maybe you could just figure a grape "portion" as about half the size of a normal carb portion?

  • emm773,

    "Any" fruit is ok to eat as long as you keep the portions controlled.  Fruit is loaded with vitamins, fiber, antioxidants and most importantly is "unproccessed".  If you look at the glycemic index grapes are no different than an orange or a peach and is lower than a banana and Bill Phillipa uses all 3 of them as an example of a fruit to use as a carb on page 88 of the Body-for-Life book.  The "authorized list" is not set in's an example of good quality proteins, carbs and vegetables you should be aiming for.  If you find another food that's not on the list but is similar in nutrional value to something on the list then in my opinion it to is "authorized".  

    I've been eating grapes, cantalope, bananas, peaches, watermelon all of which are NOT on the official "authorized list" on page 83 and have had fantastic results thus far.  Thru my first 12 weeks I lost 33.5lbs and thru 7 weeks of my 2nd challenge I have lost another 10.5 lbs. So eat "whatever" fruits you enjoy but keep in mind to keep the portions controlled.

    Good luck to you!!!

  • I have used grapes alone and with my cottage cheese and never had any negative effects or losses. In addition they help to vary your diet (as suggested in the BFL SUccess Journal entry for today, week 7) so it doesn't become stale and boring.

  • I could have swore it said, "examples of foods you can eat on body for life."

  • I have the Eating-For-Life cookbook, and although grapes are not on any of the mid-meals...they are in the chicken salad recipe.

  • i wouldn't see why not...a lot of healthy foods aren't on that list. that books over 10 years old. not to say it doesn't have good information in it.

  • That is an awesome recipe! I eat it at least twice a week :)