Best times to take Myoplex?

  • I am starting Week 3 of the Body-for-Life challenge and am having 2 servings of Myoplex per day. I'm following Bill Phillips' advice in the book and doing the following:

    Start of day

    Wake-up and have some water, (I also have some EAS Phos Force) before heading to the gym, where I drink water throughout my work-out.

    After Work-out

    After my workout I drink some more water but wait on the food front for an hour at which point I have a good breakfast of 3-4 egg whites and oats. I wait the hour before eating my breakfast because Bill said it helps burn fat.

    Rest of Day

    Meal 2 is my first Myoplex, about 3-4 hours after my work-out has ended. Meal 4 is my second Myoplex. This was part of Bill's plans as the eating guide.

    My concern is that the Myoplex literature plus other info online says to have it 30min before or 2 hours after work-outs to get maximum benefit. As my first Myoplex isn't until 3-4 hours after my work-out is it providing any real muscle building benefits waiting this long? I'm a bit confused.

  • Congratulations on making it to week three! You have momentum now keep going!

    First of all following the BFL book is the best thing to do. Are you waiting an hour to eat after cardio or weights. I think the book recommends waiting an hour after cardio but eating within a half an hour after weight. Either way IMHO eat when it is best for you. The actual time will not hinder your progress. The important thing is to listen to your body (I need to eat before upper body work outs but cant eat before leg work outs, that is just me) and eat clean, healthy food.

    Your body heals and repairs after a workout, including when you are sleeping, so eating healthy in the hours (and days) after a workout are the most important. So yes eating Myoplex when you are is providing great benefit to your body!

    Keep going strong! You are right on track!

  • Greetings,  I concur with Orrin about the recommended timing of when to take Myoplex supplements regarding weights versus cardio workouts. It does seem to help me when I follow the EAS suggestions on this. I get it as close as possible to the hour or half hour they gave out.  Flavors are another thing with me and lately I have favored the Strawberry Cream, Rich dark chocolate or cafe carmel flavors in the EAS line. Best wishes to you and I hope this still helps you out.

  • I always try to consume my protein drink immediately to 30 minutes after a weight workout.  Getting those liquid calories into your system following a hard workout will help build and repair those muscles.  If you can switch meal 2 with BF, it may be beneficial.  Try having your shake after working out and then having your solid foods at your next meal time.  I don't follow the same "rule" on cardio days.  I try to do my Hiit on an emptly stomach and then eat solid food within an hour of that workout.  Bottom line is, do what feels best for you.  Sometimes you have to experiment to find what your body responds best to.  Best wishes and good luck going forward with this challenge.

    "The only person you should try to be better than, is the person you were yesterday!"

  • Wonderful! Thank you for all your advice. I really appreciate it!!  

  • From all of us on the BFL forum,  You're welcome and keep us posted about how you are doing on your challenge too!