Body-for-LIFE Gyro wrap

  • I totally made this off the cuff a couple weeks ago, have become officially addicted and wanted to share!

    B4L Gyro Wrap:

    Cook 4oz 99% white meat ground turkey with a little olive oil, salt, pepper, and Moroccan or Greek seasoning.

    Meanwhile, take a 9" whole wheat or whole grain tortilla and spread with 1 ounce of plain nonfat Greek yogurt. Then layer with thin-sliced raw fresh cucumber.

    Add the ground turkey, then top with fresh lettuce and tomato. Wrap it up and enjoy!

    Nutrition info: 324 calories; 32g carbs (though may change depending on the tortilla); 36g protein; 5g fat; 3g sugars

    Good stuff!

  • OMG!  Didn't want to eat what I planned for dinner, saw this and immediately made it!  I had a thawed chicken breast in the fridge so I sliced that up and cooked it.  I didn't have any Greek seasoning so I searched Greek seasoning online and found directions to make my own.  This was so stinking delicious and totally hit the spot!  Thanks for sharing this!

  • This sounds delicious.  Thanks for sharing.  I will be making these next week!

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  • This sounds amazing! I am going to make these for next week!

  • I'm half Greek so I can tell you that if you chop (or use a garlic press) raw garlic into the Greek yogurt & add cucumbers to that (you have to press some of the water out of them or it gets too runny, that is basic tzatziki sauce which is traditionally used on a Gyro anwyay!  Totally clean!