Question on meal replacement powder.

  • I bought some EAS powdered meal replacement. It was the only one in the store. It is with whey. Then in another store I bought some and I thought it was the same, but when I got it home it is with Soy, and has 19-20 carbs per serving.

    Someone please tell me what is the best for me to use as a meal replacement? Today is my 14th day, yeah. I have not missed an exercise or gone off once. I am very psyched, but because of my horrible schedule, a powdered meal replacement would be great.

    Thanks a million,Jeannie

  • Hi Jeannie,

    Protein powder and powdered meal replacement are not one in the same.  If it's just whey or soy powder then you need a carb to make for a complete meal.  Either blend with some fruit or have a carb on the side. 

    Something like Myoplex is a meal replacement because it's both carb and protein. 

    The best times depend on you.  It's a great and quick delivery system in the meal that's post workout, which for me is meal 1.  Also, I like to do it for meal 6 because a good quality protein will help your system repair and rebuild throughout the night. 

    I'm a 3 shakes girl.  Meal 1 is always a shake, but the other 2 vary. Most do every other.  I love the convenience and although agree with the whole food arguments in part, think shakes make so much sense for so many reasons. 

    I hope this helps. 

    Jessica Mighty Max ~ 2013 Body-for-LIFE Champion ~ Champion is a VERB!

  • One thing I would caution with a meal replacement powder (not protein powder; like Jessica says, they are different things), is that consuming something like that which is homogenized (uniform throughout) every day can have negative health effects. Your digestive system can actually develop chemical imbalances if exposed to something like that every single day. My husband went through a phase where he was taking a meal replacer and temporarily developed a wheat intolerance. He switched brands. Same problem. Once he quit drinking it every day, his digestive tract righted itself and everything was fine after that.

    So if you do go for a meal replacement, I would recommend taking it every other day at the most, and look at protein shakes and other types of meals in between. It does take some doing and meal replacements are a handy "quick fix" but like all foods, everything in moderation.

  • now i am confused. i thought the meal replacement powder was a great idea. i think i need to go back and read through the book. thank you for  your insight. i appreciate it so much.

  • MWSEAHORSE is right about something that happens, but I believe mistaken on the why.  A wheat allergy would not happen from whey protein drink consumption.  That would happen from wheat.  It's just like it's actually a common thing for body builders to have to move eggs in and out of their diet because of allergies from having too much.  Your GI will be fine with other good whole foods.  Now it could have happened from shakes that have wheat in it, but not from those without. 

    I do 3 meal replacements a day, sometimes four and can go for 6 months at a time. 

    Allergies and as in the case in this case, sensitivities are still not that understood, but typically happens from that food directly, not having too much or little of another food. 

    Jessica Mighty Max ~ 2013 Body-for-LIFE Champion ~ Champion is a VERB!

  • Thanks Jessica. What do you use for a meal replacement powder?


  • I use several products.  Lately I've gotten into Rivalus because I love that it's so thin and it's ultra good quality, albeit with a price to match.  My staple is always Myoplex Lite though.  It's good stuff.  You can get it online and it's just so darn convenient, not to mention packed with awesome nutritional goodness.  I also do a lot of Myoplex Strength, which is not a powder; it's RTD in bottles and I love that for if I'm out.

    Jessica Mighty Max ~ 2013 Body-for-LIFE Champion ~ Champion is a VERB!