Drinking coffee - milk - yes or no!?

  • I LOVE my cappuccino (home made) in the mornings and with a baby who still wakes through the night caffeine is essential right now. Currently I have 1/2 cup skim milk with it. Is that ok or will it dramatically impact my results?

  • I boss did bfl and drank coffee, She said she used protein powder as her creamer.

  • I know that milk is not a good thing to have on weight days because it digests very slowly and will sit like a brick in your stomach for several hours, and can be incredibly uncomfortable when lifting. I have seen people throw up milk at the gym before; it's not pretty (I'm sure with a baby you know this, haha). Also, milk is fairly high in sugars which can impact your bottom line on the day-to-day. I know cappuccinos are usually 50% foam, but I would recommend that perhaps you look at switching to plain espresso, Americano (espresso and water) or regular drip coffee during the Challenge days and save cappuccinos for your Free Days.

    In my opinion coffee is totally ok, and the B4L book does bring it up in the sample meal plans (in a good way). Caffeine can actually help accelerate fat loss and boost your metabolism; I started drinking a double espresso before HIIT cardio in the mornings and it seems to have helped. I drink 2 - 4 shots of espresso every day and do not believe it has negatively impacted my results (I'm starting Week 11 tomorrow).

    I agree with blair, protein powder for creamer might be a better approach, especially on weight days, if you absolutely want to have something creamy with your coffee.

    Good luck!

  • I cannot drink black coffee and find I don't digest lactose well, so I use almond milk - it takes some getting used to (I used to use half&half so a big difference) but since you already have skim milk, it won't be too far off.  I don't think the skim milk is detrimental - it has calcium and can be good for you, and if you digest it well, then I would say go for it.  But something to consider, 1 cup skim milk has 90cals, 1 cup almond milk has 40cals....

  • I use a nondairy flavored creamer, either caramel or hazelnut, and it's 40 cals per Tablespoon.  I think Coffeemate makes one, but I just get the generic supermarket brand.