Snack Ideas

  • Hi everyone,

    I am just completing my second week of BFL.  I seem to be running out of snack ideas and I am quickly getting tired of cottage cheese!

    Would you mind sharing some snack ideas?  Thanks!

  • Great idea for a thread- can't wait to see what others post.  I'm also in my 2nd week.  Of course you can do protein bars or protein shakes.  I have done oatmeal with strawberry protein powder, a few sliced almonds and a few blueberries sometimes.  I've also done plain greek yogurt with a little truvia mixed in and a few berries.   I've also done a whole wheat wrap with sliced chicken breast, veggies and a little balsalmic vinaigrette.  I haven't done it but I've read other people doing whole grain crackers with a pouch of tuna (you could mix in a little ff mayo or mustard).  They also make roasted edamame that I've seen in the grocery store and heard someone mention having that for a snack.  I recently found this 4 week meal plan that has some really good ideas:

  • I am also in week 2. (very excited) I have a problem with portion control and what to eat sometimes. I do eat alof of cottage cheese. I wish there was measurements for the portions. It is easier for me to follow than "size of my fist". I hope someone posts some good ideas.

    Today i cooked ground chicken, added kidney beans, chopped tomatoes, brown rice and a little salsa. Unfortunetly I could have eaten the whole pot.

  • The other day I wrapped dill pickles in turkey slices, which was pretty good.  I had an apple with it since pickles are almost like eating nothing (only 15 cal and 2 carbs).  And even though there are just the baby dills, two pickles with a couple slices of turkey each is actually really filling!

  • I bought the Eating For Life Book and it was well worth the $$$ it has breakfast, lunch, dinner, deserts an snacks in it.  All really easy to prepare and my kids love some of the recipes.  There are foods included n the book that you dont see on the list, It helped alot.  The first timeI did this years ago the book wasnt out and I was always eating the same thing and this just really gives yu some great recipes

  • I agree the eating for life book is good. I just moved house and I can't find it!! Gah!! Protein puddings with the sugar free jello is a fave of mine! mmmmmm

  • For snacks I generally eat cottage cheese + a handful of berries, a piece of fruit + 2 string cheese, plain greek yogurt + fruit, or a meal replacement bar or shake. I'm a vegetarian, so I have a bit of a hard time finding balanced snacks, so I lean a lot on dairy products that are higher in protein.

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    If it were easy, everyone would do it.

  • Here is some stuff I love for snacks other than the obvious cottage cheese:

    Smoothie with 1 scoop protein powder (I use EAS Vanilla whey powder) + 5 frozen strawberries and about 1/8 cup frozen blueberries.

    A can of water-packed chunk light tuna (the small cans are usually 5oz which is about 30g protein and just 2g fat!), spread on a piece of toasted whole-wheat bread with some all-natural salsa on top.

    Salad greens tossed with olive oil and balsamic vinegar, or some oil-free natural dressing, with chopped deli turkey or ham and a small piece of fruit, or berries on the salad.

    Low-fat Greek yogurt with berries or fresh peach slices.

    B4L Gyro (personal recipe): 4oz 99% white meat ground turkey, cooked with s+p and Greek seasoning or paprika, wrapped in a tortilla that has plain nonfat Greek yogurt, cucumber slices, lettuce and tomato. This is delicious hot or cold.

    Deli meat or leftover cooked lean protein (chicken, pork, whatever) with 1/4 avocado, wrapped in a tortilla.

    Hard boiled eggs or deviled eggs filled just 3/4way, yolk mixture made with yellow mustard and a little low-fat mayo, with fruit or toast.

    Hope those help! I'm starting Week 11 tomorrow... wowzers how the time flies!

  • I like to fill a ziploc baggie with sliced cooked chicken breast, and have a portion of that and one orange. Filling and yummy and easy!

  • i am a vegetarian too. just joined the challenge with a starting date of 28may (as i thought of using weekend for all the planning and shopping :)) i also saw ur pics of week 6 transformation, you've done a great job, congratulations. could pls share your meal plan (weekly), that would be great help. thanks n happy workingout.

  • How about celery sticks with a greek yougurt dip for them as a snack, low cal and beneficial as well.