Myoplex Lite Alternatives?

  • This is my first time doing this program.  I have always done protein shakes for breakfast.  I would love to use Myoplex Lite, especially since two of my friends had great results doing this program and using the Myoplex products, but I am VERY allergic to corn (and wheat).    I am wondering if anyone can suggest a good alternative or if I should try using the corn-free protein mix I usually use and add some fiber (except for fiber, the nutritional data is pretty similiar).  Any thought? :) 

    I don't want to cost myself results by not using the right products...


  • There is one person on here with good results who did not use protein shakes at all. You can see him in the forum under my transformation. In the body for life for women by Dr. Peeke she recommends just eating your six meals a day and taking muli-vitamins and calcium.

  • That is encouraging at least. Thanks :)

  • Instead of doing a complete meal as a shake, do the protein portion with a good quality whey.  You can then blend with berries or 1/2 a banana.  It's delicious, convenient and great for results. 

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  • Excellent, thank you!  I did start doing half high protein whey mix and half "greens" meal replacement mix, a tbsp of ground flax for added fiber and 1/2c of raw oatmeal.  Seems to be doing the trick so far.

  • Just as a side note, I also found that rice tortillas make great "chips" when baked for the dip recipes in the Eating for Life book :)

  • Just to throw my two cents in, I don't use the Myoplex products either; just a daily multivitamin, twice-daily vitamin C, and the six meals a day with one or two as protein shakes (EAS chocolate soy protein powder) on work days and one or two as meal replacement bars (Premier Nutrition high protein bars) on high-travel days for eating in the car. I'm finishing up week four and so far have dropped almost 13 pounds of fat and gained almost four pounds of lean mass (technically 10 pounds, but I think six was recovering most of the water weight I lost over Lent). So yep, Myoplex is very convenient, but you can definitely still get good results without it.

  • Thanks mstickles :)  I also found some great protein bars that don't have corn or wheat.  They are spendy, but I only use them in a pinch if I can't get home to make my meal on time.