1 Free Meal Per Day (small) vs 1 Free Day Per Week

  • Hi guys,

     I'm planning on starting this challenge have a quick question regarding the nutrition for life plan. I'm curious as to whether anyone had modified the meal plan to have a free meal per day (a small meal as one of their daily meals) vs an entire free day. If so, is it more beneficial/realistic than the normal? What about half a free day on Wednesday and the other half on Sunday? Thanks guys!

  • I am only speaking for myself, but I think the reason I have decided to BFL is BECAUSE I gave myself one free meal a day!!  Coming from someone who was eating something crappy everyday, usually chocolate (mmmm, mini eggs), I thought it was gonna be hard to cut myself off from junk food cold turkey.  But when you commit to this, mentally and physically, eating junk food does really not seem appealing.  And I find that I really savor chocolate or cake or whatever I have on my free day that much more.  I say if you really wanna see results, it's all or nothing.  Stick to the plan because the plan works.  I don't mean to be harsh, but if one is already looking for ways to "cheat", perhaps one is not ready yet.

  • I'm definitely not trying to cheat at all. I did BFL back in 2000, 2001, and 2002 with amazing results and never cheated. That was while I was in college. Now I have three kids, a full-time military job with non-standard hours (that are random), travel a lot,  and am finishing up my Master's. It's just a different ERA for me and I am looking for something just as effective that is also realistic for me to maintain.

    I was asking for opinions from people that have done it to see if it was as effective as the free day rule.  

  • Great question! Take it from a veteran bfler...."it won't work". It would seem to make some sense that a small cheat meal each day would equal a full cheat day but it doesn't. You need to eat a clean nutritious diet for 6 straight days....then feel free to have some treats. I can't explain the science behind it but for your body to really have a good transformation you need to eliminate all the crap food for several days in a row. BFL is a plan that works.....and it works for a reason. Follow it as close as you can and you will be amazed at the results. All the best.

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  • I think many of us have full lives and doing this program is a commitment to change for the long term. I don't find it all that hard to eat "clean" everywhere.  My problem was sweets....all the time....I ate pretty well but I would eat just one here and just one there and it added up to at least 30 extra pounds!  I've also found that if I give in and "cheat", in all aspects of life, it becomes that much easier to give in the next time.I kinda like fantasizing about what I'm gonna eat on my free day.

  • Bill Phillips has been asked this question.  Actually, he's been asked about "banking" 1500 calories to use throughout the week instead and your small meal per day would actually be more.  Bill said that it would not work because the physiological reasons for doing 6 straight of clean eating would be moot. 

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  • i completed BFL challange 7 years ago and i was very happy with the results i had, i belive that i got those results by following the plan that bill phillips designed. i felt like he had been there and he knew what to do and what you would get out of it if done accordingly. if you dont have the BFL book, buy it. the written part in the beginning has so much info in it and prob has answers to some more questions. i am jumping back on the wagon, good luck to you.