My Menu... I need tips! :)

  • Hello! I wanted to get some of ya'lls opinion regaring my eating plan. I'm going to write what I eat on a tipical day, and let me know if anyone has any suggestions on how to make it better? Much appreciated!


    Meal #1: Myoplex Advantedge Carb Control Protein Bar (still has 26g of carbs and 17g of protein)

    Meal #2: Portion of Fat Free Cottage Cheese, and portion of blackberries

    Meal #3: Spinach and Kale lettuce blend (from farmers market) w/ salmon, and 2 baby red potatoes.

    Meal #4: Can of water packed tuna & Apple

    GYM! (Training for my first 5K 4x+ per week, plus I'm doing weight training the BFL way 3x a week)

    Meal #5: Protein Shake (after gym) Myoplex Lite Chocolate. (20g protein)

    Meal #6: Portion of fish or chicken (cooked in lemon olive oil for my fat content), Asparagus, Brown Rice.

    Any suggestions would be great... My meal #6 ends up being pretty late sometimes (8PM or so)... not sure if that is okay, but it seems okay. I feel wonderful... My first week I lost 7 pounds with eating like this... my second week seems to be going a lot slower, but I'm trying to not let that discourage me. My week 2 is almost over! :)

    Thank you my BFL family! :)

  • Hey I saw your list on another thread. I think this is a great menu. You are getting healthy oils and fats from your salmon and olive oil and watching both your carb and protein intake. I think those two things are SUPER crucial to success, just being conscious if what you are eating.

    Is there any way to switch your Meal 6 with Meal 3? I usually eat my cottage cheese + fruit portion at the end of the night and save the big pseudo-dinner type meal for earlier, like around 6 or 7. If that's not an option for you then I'd say if it feels good to you then stick with it!

    Oh and I think a 5k will be a breeze if you do the HIIT cardio. Before I began the Challenge, I never ran unless I was late to catch a flight or, I imagine, if there was an ax murderer chasing me. Since starting the Challenge I have gone one a couple longer runs with friends and can actually do 5 miles outside at a consistent 10:00 mile with no problems whatsoever. Just so you know. The 20 minutes really does work for building endurance for longer runs. :)

    Good luck and also HUGE congrats on the loss of 7 pounds straightaway!

  • Wow, seven pounds in the first week?  That's fantastic!  I haven't lost seven pounds yet, and I'm on week five, lol!  I'm making progress, but it's not dramatic like that.

    Keep up the good work, and don't be discouraged if you plateau for a couple of weeks--your body is still making changes!