Caloric Intake/Milk/Chocolate Milk

  • Hey guys what do you think my caloric intake should be?  I was thinking around 2000-2200 calories.  I am currently 21 years old, 5'8 160 and I want to lose some stubborn belly fat. Also what do you guys think about all natural peanut butter?  I really enjoy peanut butter but i want to keep the 40/40/20 ratio so I don't want my fat intake to be too high. I also enjoy drinking low fat chocolate milk as my post recovery nutrition drink because of the 4:1 carb to protein ratio.  Do you guys think drinking  low fat milk and chocolate milk throughout the day will hurt my progress because of the high sugar content?   

  • Your caloric intake really depends on your goals coupled with stats.  The likely best range is 1600-1800, given you are only 160 and looking to lose belly fat. 

    Natural peanut butter really isn't of value.  It doesn't even give you the kind of fat you most need and is actually mostly the kinds you don't. 

    Chocolate milk?  Seriously?  I have heard that some lifters drink it, but it's not well received in most of the community.  The sugar content and insulin response from that will be harmful.  You are better off with a protein shake that's made with water. 

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  • From reading the book, it seems that one of the main goals of the diet is to keep your blood sugar levels as steady as possible, using complex carbohydrates over simple ones, limiting sugar as much as possible, eating small amounts regularly throughout the day, etc.  Chocolate milk is a no-no on my list.  But you can get yummy protein shakes that are chocolate flavored, which might serve your body better.

    2000-2200 calories sounds high to me.  My suggestion is to go someplace like the Hussman fitness website and calculate your Base Metabolic Rate, then figure what your caloric deficit needs to be if you want to lose weight (or gain muscle).

  • Greetings Nick123,   Sorry to say but that chocolate milk is best saved as an indulgence on your Free day and then maybe only one small cup, loaded with corn syrup, sugar even though the protein is great and they can be had with 2% low fat variety(the better ones), I would stay away from it. Why not try the new Lean 15 Protein powder mixed with 2% or water as an alternative. I can be found at Target or on line through Abbott Nutrtion site (they have a link on this forum at the top) Try it you'll like it!(remember that old add for Alka Seltzer years ago?). This is coming from a guy who always used to drink the low fat chocolate milk but now only as a treat on Free day, and then maybe not too!