Is anyone trying to conceive while on the challenge?

  • I have been putting off going through with this challenge for over 2 yrs because we have been trying to conceive, but with no luck getting pregnant, I don't want to continue coasting until I get pregnant.  I also don't plan to give up my workouts or healthy eating plan when and if I get pregnant.  Just wondering if anyone else is in the same boat?

  • Are you already quite lean and looking to build muscle, or are you looking to lose body fat?  I'm told that being over-lean or over-fat can make TTC even more difficult, as can very reduced fat/calorie intake like BFL advocates.  Also have you talked to your doc or seen an endocrinologist or fertility specialist?  I don't want to make assumptions since I don't know you, but they would probably know more about how an intense training program and new diet will affect your cycles/ability to conceive. Best of luck to you!!

  • I am at a healthy weight, definitely not too fat but not that lean either.  I was around the same size when I conceived my first 2, only I eat WAY better and am stronger, I have been to a fertility doc and they say to keep trying.  I do have a nodule on my thyroid that has to get checked out, but blood tests came back fine, so it shouldn't affect fertility (not sure).  I don't think I consume too little as I never let myself get hungry, and I don't think the intensity would prevent me from getting pregnant - or would it?  I am just wondering if anyone else is in the same boat.  I could wait to do this BFL challenge but then again I have been waiting for 2yrs and if I am not pregnant, I want to be in shape.  Make sense?

  • You know, after posting this I remembered that my sister had difficulty conceiving for about two years until she started BFL, hit week 10 and found out she was expecting!  It was baby #3, too!  She was already rather lean, but put on some muscle during her challenge before pregnancy hormones made her puke and sleep all day.  If your doc okayed BFL then I would assume you're good to go?  I do know that serious overtraining or undereating can halt ovulation, but I imagine it would cause obvious anovulatory cycles (longer than like 50 days) or amenorrhea.  Then again, maybe the training will relieve stress, which can also cause those problems!  Of course, I'm not a doc or trainer.  Maybe there are seasoned vets around here who are experts on fertility AND exercise :).  

    Maybe check out the Fertility Diet, which I know has suggestions in strict opposition to BFL like having one serving of full fat dairy every day.  I did that, though I don't know if it helped me conceive after 6 months...I just really really loved the Greek Gods brand of yogurt!  Again, good luck to you!

  • Hi CookieFlack - thanks for your advice.  I honestly don't think it is so intense that it would cause problems, and you are right about overtraining - if I really was overtraining, which I think is the whole point of BFL- to do intense workouts but not too much of it - then my period would stop - and it hasn't.  And the stress thing is HUGE - if I am in a bad mood, my husband packs my gym bag and shoves me out the door - and I come back a wonderful wife and mom.  I truly enjoy working out and am pretty relaxed about trying to conceive (right now), but assume I won't feel so relaxed if I am not pregnant in the next 6-8 months.  I turn 35 in Sept and was hoping to have 3 kids by then - but you just can't plan life !!!

  • Good luck!  My hubs and I will start trying to conceive after the BFL challenge.  I'm about 25 pounds overweight, so we figured doing the BFL beforehand would help get my body to a better starting place.  I agree w/ CookieFleck, if you doc says it's fine, I'd go for it.  You still have to live your life, and if exercise helps you de-stress, that's a definite advantage.