New Big Energy coffee at 7-11

  • Just wondering if anyone else has tried the Big Energy coffee at their local 7-11 lately.  I gave it a try this morning,  it has a Brazilian type flavor but within the coffee are some of the elements of the 5 hours Energy ingredients.  WOW,  I don't think I will try this one again unless it is my Free day or I am really dragging along some morning and really worn out.  I felt like Speedy Gonzales in the cartoon.  It did provide a big lift, but perhaps a little too much for my tastes. Still it was interesting to try it out.


  • this a coffee that you pour from a pot?  If so - I wonder how it would be to mix half of the energy coffee with regular coffee - or decaf.  Actually I haven't heard of it.  I know that most energy things out there cause my heart to race, so I don't do them. Did it increase your heart?  Curious. Thanks -


  • I do believe that it did make my heart and pulse race a little bit so I would advice caution on excessive use of this product until it has been around a little while to see if any one has any serious problems with the side effects of it.  Yes, it is ready made in the store for consumption with special markings on the pot handle stating Big Energy mix coffee. I didn't think of mixing it and perhaps I will try that out next time as well on a Free Day though.