Myoplex Lite.... can you substitute

  • Good day to everyone.  I have been looking at the nutrition shake receipes in the Eating for Life book.  A lot of these call for 1 packet of the Myoplex Lite.  I do not have this.  I do have the myoplex shake powder in big containers.  Can someone please tell me can I substitute with the powder and if so how much would equal 1 packet?

  • Maybe look online and see how many grams of protein + carbs are in each packet? Then use the equivalent from the canister.

    Normally when I make shakes I do one level scoop from the purple and white EAS Myoplex canister, or sometimes 1 1/2 scoops for the extra protein if it's a weight day.

  • ok I will do that, thanks :)

  • I tried to add the new lean 15 to oatmeal and that didn't work. I order the packets online. I think one difference too is the myoplex lite does not have as many carbs.