Difference Between husband/wife's meal size?

  • My husband is doing Body for Life as well. I weigh 180lbs. he weighs 260lbs.We both have fat to loose but we also want to tone.

    What protein supplements would you reccommend for us?

    What portion sizes or amounts should th each of us be doing?


    **I read the BFL book before but we are both reading it this evening and tomorrow before we start on Monday. I also have the eating for life book as well. But, it seems like everything is one size/one amount. Is this correct? Or are their supposed to be different portion amounts and sizes depending on the persons weight?


    <3 Jacque Dee

  • Does the Eating for Life book have recipes good for the challenge? Or is it just for maintenance?

    <3 Jacque Dee

  • I have the eating for life book and i don't believe it is for maintenance. It is so you can enjoy the food and continue to eat that way and finish the challenge not feeling deprived. I am on week 87 and i feel like this is a life changer. I can continue do to this life style.  I am not just opening a can of tuna and eating it so i can gross out everyone. I eat good food as shown on Eating for Life and co-workers are salivating over my lunch.

    Now about portion control. Your protein intake should be the size of the palm of your hand and carb the size of your fist. You and your husband have different size hands. That basically amounts to 3 - 4 oz of meat for you and 4 - 5 oz for your husband. Now this is something you are going to have to monitor. If you are getting way hungry before your next meal you will have to increase the amount you are eating. If you are not hungry at all and feel like "I can't eat am still stuff from my last meal" that means you ate to much and you need to cut back. I hope this helps.